Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ballet shoes – A history from 17th century

Ballet shoes might be new to this fashion world, but they aren’t new to the world at all. These shoes are used by ballet dancers since ages. During the 17th century when ballet dance was formed, the shoes for this dance were heeled. Then one dancer named Marie Camargo wore the first ever flat non-heeled shoe for the ballet dance, which allowed her to move more flexibly and gave her the ability to do more complicated jumps.

Flat ballet shoes

 After the French Revolution, the ballet shoes were only flats adorned with ribbons to secure the foot firmly. These are foldable shoes to allow the dancers to fully extend their feet and do more flexible moves all around. At this time, the ballet shoes were just made of a very thin or no sole below a tough satin cloth, because it was important for the dancer to stay in touch with the ground. With more and more advancement in these shoes, and with the variety of styles, the flexibility of the shoes has gone down and does not allow the dancers to feel the floor.

Now, in recent years the ballet shoes have made its way into the hearts of young women of 21st century. Girls today want to enjoy all the freedom that they can while hanging out in college or work, while partying and meeting friends. They choose to move on from heeled shoes which are uncomfortable for obvious reasons. Where women believe in style and not in discomfort, ballerina pumps have comfortably made its way into the fashion industry.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Fashion Shopping Tips: Buying Comfortable and Stylish Flat Shoes for Women

Getting a perfect pair of shoes according to color, size and style you want, is so much important. Building an unmatched shoe collection is the dream of many women out there. Women also love to wear high heel shoes at times. These high heels shoes look stylish but they are not that much comfortable. Women feel good after wearing the shoes which match perfectly with their wardrobe. Footwear should be comfortable, stylish and affordable, no matter what footwear type is being chosen.

 Fold up handbag shoes

Flat shoes for women are comfortable for daily casual use or can be used on any specific occasion. Ballerina flats are famous for its style and texture. In recent years, expert fashion designers have introduced a number of changes in flat shoes. All these changes are making flat shoes more comfortable, more stylish and more affordable. For skinny jeans, you should always go for ballet flats to enhance your look. Ballet flats are your best friends because they are easy to carry and comfy and can be easily folded and placed in a small bag or purse. Women flat shoes are available in variety of styles and designs. These styles are different in terms of colors, designs and over-all look. White, blue, black and pink are some of the most preferable colors. Women ballet flats are the stylish alternative to painful heels. Folded ballet flats are designed to eliminate the cutting of heels and painful wounds. These shoes can be a trendy yet practical choice for business environments as well. Below I am mentioning the tips which should be considered while buying flat shoes:
  • Evaluate your requirement and budget first
  • Try and buy a pair which will be easy to walk in
  • Look over your wardrobe and decide what color of shoes to buy
  • Always try to buy better quality pair of shoes
You can also explore a wide range of footwear designs online, sitting in your living room. You may also get some great deals and discounts on online shoes stores.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Ballet shoes – Style and comfort go together!

Shoes are nice if they look good but are not comfortable, but shoes are amazing if they are fashionable and yet comfortable. For many of us, this sounds totally wrong. How can a pair of shoes be fashionable and yet comfortable; aren’t high heels which are extremely uncomfortable supposed to be sexiest shoes? The answer is - not really. If we open today’s fashion book, flats shoes are as much in demand and fashionable as the high heels. They are even better because they don’t kill your feet and make you tired.

Ballerina flats for women

Usually called the ballerina shoes, these are absolutely flat shoes covered from toe end. Mostly, these are foldable shoes and perfectly fit your feet in any situation. Also called as pumps, these are available in a huge variety. From plain to prints, these go a long way to fulfill your fashion taste. Be it a party or work, the varied ballerina flats can make up your perfect fashion statement.

Ballerina shoes, even for a wedding might be a foreign concept to many of us, but yes it is a reality today. Walk around, dance around and make the full use of your energy with comfy shoes. No more heel hassles. You can be a free bird even at a wedding or a party where all you want is to look good and have fun. Do both while wearing these ballet flats!

Match it up with your dress or go for a contrast with varied designs of these shoes and make a sizzling style statement!