Tuesday, June 20, 2017

What are top 9 travel shoes for women to wear while moving?

Women love travelling and exploring different places. This is the reason companies manufacture various kinds of travel shoes for their needs. It is important that along with being comfortable and well-fitting, these shoes should be light in weight and should take minimal place for packing. Travelling light is the mantra that people follow nowadays so that they can move easily. Travel shoes are not only suitable for the purpose of travelling, but they can be adorned when the feet need extra protection and you have to spend lot of time on your feet. One perfect example in this regard is while moving a place.

Mentioned below are some excellent foldable travel shoes, which you can keep in your collection:

1. Bank Zebra & Studs: -

This travel shoe is made from premium textile and is hand crafted individually. These shoes have double cushioned insoles and the sole is made of rubber. Studs on the frontal part and zebra print all over the shoe make it attractive.

2. Barbican Woven Denim: -

Denim is a popular choice for shoes and is quite effective for travel shoes. The styled boxes all over the shoes that too in denim make it look really classy and stylish. The shoes are soft and supple and highly flexible and can be carried easily in a small pouch.

3. Islington Ladybird Silver Shimmer: -

This pretty looking fashionable pump shoe is ideal for young girls who love to change shoes as per their apparel. The ladybug appliqué on the sides of the shoes makes it look interesting. Right in the front is a large ladybird designed in immaculate style. The shoe comes in different shades and looks really attractive.

4. Carnaby Westminster: -

Carry London Eye and Big Ben with you with this pair of travel shoe. Available in myriad colors, this shoe has Big Ben on one pair and London Eye on the other. Made of premium PU leather, each pair is handcrafted and soft and comfortable. The shoes are designed for smart lifestyles.

5. The Royal Ballet Snowflake Beaded Applique: -

If you want to carry the magic of winter land with you, this pair of ballerina is just perfect. The flurrying snowflakes and the hand-sewn beaded appliqué make the foldable shoes just perfect for everyday wear. The foldable shoes come in pouch bags, which are easy and convenient to carry.

6. Wandsworth Black: -

This pair of pump is perfect for wearing during the day as well as night. The grosgrain ribbon bow and the CR buckle impart style and elegance to the ballet shoes. The shoe can be worn for casual purposes as well as on formal occasions.

7. Belgravia Black & Pewter Lace: -

This chic pair of shoe has timeless appeal. This is because of the use of lace in the shoes. The shoe looks extremely attractive and seductive and has the appearance of a stiletto. The snakeskin pattern on the main material of the shoe adds a sense of unique style to the footwear.

8. Carnaby Bus and Phone: -

This shoe belongs to the ‘Iconic London’ collection and is highly classy and stylish. While one pair has a phone embroidered on the same; the other pair has a double-decker bus embroidered on it. The shoes are super comfortable and foldable for easy carriage.

9. The Royal Ballet Aurora: -

This is an uberly feminine looking foldable ballet in nude pink and black combination. The base of the shoe is in nude pink shade with black lining and black toe cap, which is hand stitched. The bow is large and created of black mesh and has a sparkling diamante center. Inspired by ‘Sleeping Beauty’, this shoe looks perfect for any party.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Top 10 Ballerina Shoes for Women

Women are passionate about shoes and many of them have large collections of the same. There are different styles in which women’s shoes are available in the market. Among them ballerinas need special mention. These shoes are considered as ultimate wardrobe staple and range from contemporary to classic. Available in wide varieties of colours, designs and patterns, these shoes can be worn for all reasons and seasons.

Mentioned below find top 10 foldable ballerina shoes for women:

1. Harrow Tan with Navy Cap: -

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Made from 100% premium leather, the base colour of the Harrow ballerinas is in tan, while the toe cap is in contrasting navy blue colour. The shoe is handcrafted and can be folded easily in the small pouch and carried conveniently in a bag. The rubber soles make the shoes strong and tough.

2. Bloomsbury Charcoal: -

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Just taking a look at this black ballerina is enough for understanding that the shoe will be super comfy. The contemporary, fresh and new silhouette of the shoe makes it highly attractive. The shoe has seamless fit and there are no pressure points in the same. the insoles are doubly cushioned for ultimate comfort.

3. Barbican Desert Gold: -

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This pair of ballerina is surely a show stopper. Some wonderful textile goes in the making of this shoe. It either shines with golden or silver hue, depending on the angle of the light falling on the shoe. The leather insoles are double-cushioned and offer great comfort. The rubber sole imparts flexibility to the foldable shoe.

4. Chelsea Red & Grey: -

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The combination of animal print and colour pop makes the shoe look outstanding. This red suede and grey snake-print textured toe area ballerina can be easily worn to a casual party. The shoe is made in Italy and is made from 100% premium leather. Along with being soft and supple, these shoes are highly flexible as well. They can be easily worn as daily wear shoes.

5. Buckingham Garnet: -

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Designed for smart lifestyles and sophisticated parties and events, this pair of ballerina is sure to take your breath away. The pumps come in garnet shade and have double –edged, black ribbon bow with the emblem CR engraved on the buckle detail. Made of premium leather, the shoe looks truly classy and elegant. Along with great looks, the shoe provides superior comfort as well.

6. Bayswater Champagne & Marble: -

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Women who love ultra chic ballerina pumps will surely like this pair. The flats are made from handcrafted leather – precisely champagne leather and marbled fish leather in the toe area. This area has gold highlights and is hand painted. This is a subtle gold bow right below the toe area to make significant impact. The shoe is luxuriously made – both the insoles and the upper leather material.

7. Putney Black & Silver with Silver Cap: -

If you want fashionable flats for parties, this shoe will definitely cater to your requirements. The shoe looks elegant and sophisticated with the textures, which are made in black and silver colour. The silver toe cap adds to the appeal of the ballerina pump. The shoe uses individually hand-crafted 100% pure leather for optimum comfort. The insoles are cushioned and padded for additional comfort.

8. Brixton Black: -

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This is the classic, capped flat ballerina in absolutely black leather. The shoe looks simple, but has a kind of elegance and sophistication attached to the same. Great quality leather is used in the making of the shoes and is therefore comfortable. Comfort is also offered by padded Achilles heels and double cushioned insoles.

9. Pimlico Black Pony Hair: -

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This is an extremely chic black ballerina pump, made with soft pony hair leather. The shoe comes with a bow and silver toggles. The toe is slightly pointed and there is a wedge heel that remains concealed. This shoe is specially crafted for women, who are super busy and are always on the go. Style and comfort go hand in hand in this shoe.

10. Sandringham Rose Gold: -

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This flat pump ballet looks amazingly cute, particularly because of the rose gold colour. The shoe is simple and elegant yet chic. The foldable ballerinas have gold toggle details and a hand tied bow. Made with high quality soft leather, this shoe is great for everyday wear.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

How your shoes may be hurting you?

When looking for the right pair of shoes, you need to go beyond design and fashion. The wrong pair of shoes doesn’t just hurt but can easily become a health hazard. While a shoe might seem like a simple thing, the wrong choice can even lead to tripping over and accidents! An interesting find by ‘The Foot’, a medical journal published by the University of Witwatersrand even says that the Zulu people of South Africa have healthier feet than us and they have never worn a shoe! Well, here are 6 ways your shoes might be hurting you:

1. Restrictive design

First and foremost, your feet are made up of muscle, soft tissue and bones. Consequently, they require a full range of motion to be able to grow strong and be flexible. Restrictively designed footwear will limit the movement and growth and you will have discomfort all day. Moreover, you will not be able to get a good grip on the surface you are walking in.

2. Too tight

Smaller shoes with fastening laces might look cute but they again prevent your foot muscles to be free. You will not only have trouble maintaining balance but also encounter pain, which when becomes habitual, deters the heath of your feet.

3. Too stiff

Some footwear is made of very rigid materials to make them more durable. However, having a hard surface underneath your soft foot muscles can be a sore. It’s not unnatural to develop cracked ankles and foot pain.

4. Too high

A study found that European women, who are habitual in wearing high heels, have the unhealthiest of feet, compared to the rest of the world. It’s about looking and walking sexy but these high heels come with killer price. Getting separated from the ground with higher heels increases the strain on your feet joints and you will have to apply more force in walking.

5. Too flat

While high heels are a strict ‘no’, too flat shoes, like many ladies loafers, too don’t offer the required protection to your feet. This is typically when you are walking on a hard surface, like a sidewalk, street or uneven terrain. Pick a style that will offer the right amount of cushioning to your feet.

6. Too pointy

Again, some shoes are made too pointy to make your feet look sexier. However, the pointier designs also push your toes inwards and against each other. Over time, this can lead to bone damage and is a proven reason for developing bunions.

Whatever you are walking with, you need to be comfortable with them. Shoes become a part of your body and thus need to be properly evaluated. Some researchers even go on to say that walking barefoot is the best way to keep your feet healthy. While that wouldn’t be practical, it is necessary that the shoes you wear are minimally intrusive you your normal gait and foot shape. It is recommended that you look for softer, airier and more flexible materials when choosing the everyday shoe you wear. High heels are okay if you are just looking to pose for a sexy photograph but they shouldn’t become your regular companion. Foldable loafers on the other hand give you the right space to feel free. It is necessary that you are comfortable and have a good grip on the surface you walk in. that’s about being practical!

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Best Foldable Shoes for Travel

Are you looking for the most comfortable women’s shoes for travel? Well you have come to the right place. Foldable shoes are fashionable, comfortable and convenient to carry.  Choosing the right pair of shoes can be a tricky task as there are many choices available online at great prices.

Check out the best fold up shoes you should consider packing for your next trip.

1. Carnaby Black Cabs

These extremely soft, lightweight and flexible foldable ballet shoes are your perfect travel companions.

2. Carnaby Tower Bridge

These shoes are extremely comfortable and they almost weigh nothing. You can team up any outfit with these cute foldable shoes from Cocorose London.  

3. Carnaby Blue Nautical

If you are looking to invest in a pair of quality shoes to wear in the office and on the go, don’t forget to buy these shoes.  

4. Carnaby Pink Nautical

Shop these stylish foldable ballet shoes to breathe life into any basic travel wardrobe. These shoes always get top marks when it comes to comfort.

5. Carnaby Mr and Mrs  

Pretty, soft and compact. These foldable ballet shoes are among the bestsellers.

6. Carnaby Bus and Phone  

One of the best pair of foldable shoes for traveling, whether you’re taking a seaside stroll or walking up and down cobblestone streets.

7. The Royal Ballet Snowflake Beaded Applique

Classy, comfortable and super chic. These foldable travel shoes should be on your list.

8. Carnaby Westminster

They’re very cute and a great addition to any outfit. Your perfect travel companion, shop today!

We will update this list with new styles soon so don’t forget to bookmark this page. 

Happy shopping 😊

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

5 Ballet Pumps that Make You Feel Special

A ballet shoe, or ballet slipper, is a lightweight shoe designed specifically for ballet dancing. It may be made from soft leather, canvas, or satin, and has flexible, thin soles. Ballet pumps must fit very closely to the foot for safety and to retain maximum flexibility. In today’s fast-paced lifestyles, combining function, high style and the ultimate in comfort is essential. Cocorose London aims to excite, delight and inspire by creating beautiful ballet pumps that are designed for today’s modern lifestyles.

  • Farringdon Patchwork Leopard: -

Take a walk on the wild with these Farringdon patchwork leopard lifestyle slip-ons. These are ultra-chic, strikingly beautiful and fashionably unique.  These folding slip-ons loafers, with their white soles, are perfect for the Urban Cocorose and ideal for the women on the go. It is premium hand-stitched with patchwork leopard pony hair.

The fully hand- crafted, pony hair and leather shoes are extremely soft, supple and flexible. These foldable slip-ons are the ultimate-in everyday wear comfort and style. Padded Achilles has provided superior comfort. Each pair is gifted with our signature black travel purse. These shoes are considerably designed for smart lifestyles.

  • Bloomsbury Pastel Pink: -

The ballerina is back in a fresh, new and contemporary silhouette, with soft leather and a high vamp, these new Bloomsbury style adopts an elegant insouciant cool with maximum comfort.

These are individually handcrafted with 100% premium leather.  Fully flexible, these shoes are foldable with durable rubber soles with 8mm heel height. Further, this product is beautifully packaged for you in a luxurious black and gold presentation box.

  • Clapham Patent Black with Shades of Blue: -

The best-selling Clapham lifestyle loafers, with soft, hand-woven leathers are this season’s must-have. These shoes are individually hand-crafted with 100% premium leather. The presence of double cushioned insoles and padded Achilles heels provide superior comfort to the wearer.

These are fully flexible, fold up shoes with durable rubber soles and 8mm heel. Each pair is gifted with signature travel purse in black.

  • Carnaby Silver Nautical Applique: -

These fun and fashionable lifestyle, loafers with nautical appliqué are this season’s must-have.  Premium PU leathers are used while handcrafting the shoes individually. Being extremely soft, soft, supple and flexible, these foldable are best for everyday lifestyle.

The presence of split rubber sole, allows the shoes to fold in half. Each pair is gifted with the signature matching travel purse.

  • Chelsea Antelope: -

These classical Chelsea ballerinas in antelope, combines suede and a patent leather toe, making it this season’s perfect wardrobe staple. Manufactured in Italy, it is made up of premium leather. The presence of double cushioned insoles and padded Achilles heels make it more comfortable.  These shoes are hand-crafted one by one.

These are fully flexible pumps with durable rubber soles and 5mm heel height. Each pair is gifted with the signature travel purse.

The Cocorose London is passionate about creating shoes with a remarkable difference. Thoughtfully designed and crafted for life on-the-go, this designer brand is renowned for our revolutionary concept of shoes that fold. They source only the best leathers and trims, and hand-craft shoes one by one. They are fun, fashionable and compact, without compromising on style or comfort. As per today’s generation, these shoes will give you not only comfort and flexibility but also will go with daily wardrobe and make a fashion statement.

Monday, January 23, 2017

6 Ultimate Ways to Pack the Fold Up Shoes

Travelling is nothing more than a healer. Yes, you relax your soul, calm down those stress hormones and relive a new experience. So, why not travel when there are plentiful of perks of it. So, narrowing down the benefits of travelling, we can tell that not many who pack for holidays do it the RIGHT WAY?

Then what exactly the right way instead? Well, you may organise your clothes your way, fold it or roll it, but what to do with those shoes. Here comes the rescue. We have narrowed down the list of some key ways that help you out in pack those fold up boots:

1. Don't pack more than three pairs:

Well, we know how much you love your shoes, but show some pity to your heavy luggage that almost dies with no space for extras you put in afterwards. Therefore, understand more than three pairs of shoes is not required. Keep the ones that go with almost everything so you won’t jingle with the extra fuss.

2. Wear your biggest fold up boots:

While you may have the maximum pain in wearing that long fold up boots, why not wear them instead while you board the flight. If possible, wear them in spite of carrying in your language and make room for more stuff in there.

3. Follow a travel palette:

While packing your shoes invest time in choosing the colour palette that you are ready to follow on your travel. Pick the nudes, and neutrals more to accompany majorly with all outfits. This helps in inviting fewer shoe options and highly convenient.

4. Don’t take your brand new shoes on a travel:

While many of us shop shoes with the triggered momentum, it is always advisable to not go in a hurry. Save those for your next ride in that case. As choosing new brand shoes may give you unnecessary blisters because your happy feet is not congenial with the new buddy. So, here is the tip, do not pack your brand new foldable boots on your travel.

5. Use shoe bags:

As you are packing shoes, you want that to occupy minimal space as you are already overboard. So, use shoe bags. While foldable boots are easy to pack they still need a good shoe bag to prevent from any damage. More to it, shoe packed in the shoe bags remain clean and protected.

6. Pack them right:

Shoes are always intended to be packed in a specific way for occupying minimum space. It is always great to pack a pair of shoes tightly together with soles out, and heels pointing at the opposite ends. For the better, do not ignore the spaces inside your shoe. You may put in your socks, jewellery or any other precious item for maximum protection.

The final words...

So, pack your shoes with the right method as travelling is fun, why make it a bulky deal?

Friday, January 20, 2017

Tips to buy Foldable Ballet Flats

Foldable ballet shoes are among the most popular women’s shoes on the market. Ballet flats are easy to wear and they go well with skirt, dress and jeans. They are inexpensive so you can buy one whenever you want to update your wardrobe. These shoes are also called after party shoes. Today’s ballet pumps are different from traditional ones because today’s shoes are more comfortable and stylish.  These shoes are lightweight and small enough so women can carry them easily in handbags. 

They are the perfect travel shoes. These shoes are better after a long day. After a party when you want to relax and get rid of those high heels then these shoes are perfect choice. Here is an easy guide for you to buy the perfect foldable shoes.

These foldable ballet flats come in different designs. When you shop for ballet pumps make sure that it fits correctly. You can also grab some great deals on foldable shoes online. Depending on the style of ballet flats, they can be appropriate for many occasions and can go well with any dress type. Foldable shoes are perfect for you if you looking for comfort and style both.

Apart from these shoes, you can also choose foldable trainers if you are looking for something specific which is sporty, comfortable and stylish. You can find a great range of foldable trainers online. These trainers not only fit perfectly but at the same time provide comfort to your feet.