Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Get Your Cocorose On

December is all about the heels. Lots of end of year meetings, dinners with friends and of course Christmas and New Years Eve parties.

But after a while, your feet become sore, achy and tired of the heels and that’s where flats come in. Correction - that’s where we come in. ;-)

Our fold away shoes from our Diffusion and Classic Elegant ranges fold up neatly into a signature travel purse which is perfect for taking with you to those parties and dinners.

Simply swap your heels for a pair of our flats and pop your heels into the travel purse and away you go. A relax and comfortable journey home for your party feet.

Here are some of our favourites:

Royal Ballet Perdita

Stunning and sparkly, these black sequinned loafers will go with any outfit.

Islington Silver Canvas

These loafers have the shimmering disco vibe that will keep you wanting to dance all night long.

Balham Leopard Pink

Give your feet that “rawr” factor with these leopard-print beauties.

Islington Houndstooth

These houndstooth prints look so comfortable they remind you of home.

We hope you find your favourite and will be Cocorosing your way home soon.

Happy Shopping! xx

Monday, December 22, 2014

19 Tips To Make Your Bridal Shoe Search Easy

Everything has to be perfect on the wedding day. For a bride, a perfect pair of shoes that matches with the gown is as important as the day itself. However finding the right pair, in the right design and in the right size requires a lot of research and recommendations. If your d-day will soon be knocking your gates, here are some tips that will help you cool down and serve your anxiety. Hope you get yourself that perfect pair.

1. Go for a pair that perfectly complements your dress. However, if you are heading to a beach destination for taking the vow, make sure you have beaded mules or a strappy sandal.

2. Optimal comfort can only be provided by a square toe shoe with low heels, probably around 1 inch.

3. In case you want to appear smaller and match your better half, go for round toe pairs.

4. If going for low heels is not an option with you, it is also advisable to carry a comfortable pair of sleepers when you are preparing yourself at home. Arrange to slip into the high heels only when you are on the stage and the photographers are on their mark!

5. It is recommended to begin slipping into the wedding pair a couple of days before the final show. It will help your feet adjust better when it’s most important. A new shoe almost always hurt.

6. Wedding pair should not only match the color and design of the wedding dress but also the fabric of the dress.

7. It is advisable to try on all types of heels; mules, sandals, heels and flats, before you make the final choice.

8. Evenings are the best to try on a new pair. It is generally during the evening hours that the feet tend to swell and this will give you a perfect idea about the exact size.

9. Bridal shoes are well complimented by pantyhose.

10. A bride’s feet should be well groomed before trying on the wedding shoes. Also trim those toenails to save some extra inches.

11. Don’t go for extra high heels as that will make you unbalanced and uncomfortable.

12. Online shopping is the best way to browse some awesome pieces at home.

13. When buying online, also check the return policy since you would want to return a show that doesn’t fit well.

14. Some of the best places of shopping would be cocoroselondon.com, amazon.co.uk, ebay.co.uk.

15. If you are looking to save some money, cocoroselondon could be the best option.

16. Check the color at daytime. Night lights can distort the original color of the shoes.

17. Always assign your bridesmaid to keep the shoes dry.

18. Never pay for ill looking spots on shoes.

19. Never throw away a dye-able shoe. It can come to someone else’s use, probably the bridesmaid.

If you are really stuck with choices, cocoroselondon.com can be a great portal to watch out.   

Friday, December 05, 2014

Comfortable Footwear is Must

It is needless to point out that shoes can make or break a fairly decent outfit. Uncomfortable shoes can severely affect your confidence. As per a recent survey, 94% women feel good with comfortable footwear. However comfort and fashion can be a tricky combination to achieve. Comfortable footwear can play a big role in your personality building and confidence level. Based on observations and direct surveys, a perfect pair of shoes for women is really an extension of their personal self and expression. Shoes can affect our self perception and simultaneously perception of others. A great pair of shoes is considered to make a handsome, beautiful, confident, happy and also a charming personality. A person can be judged by the shoes she/he carries. While people mostly focus on the dressing, even interviewers in many industries check out a candidate by the way she/he wears the shoes. So what do we normally wear?

Flip flops: These may be a comfortable pair during the casual Fridays or the lazy weekends, but unless you are an employee of Google, flip flops can represent a laid back and casual personality – not too worshiped in serious offices.

Dusty and dingy shoes: By looking at the heels you carry, one can presume that if you are well prepared for the day at office or have just forced yourself out to of the bed. It is always advised to have enough time to polish and maintain a clean shoe and heels to have your ‘best foot forward’ at the professional platform.

The squeaky ones: Most often slippers and flip flops will make a squeaky noise at every step. This will not only attract unwanted attention but you will also not want to hear you shoes making annoying noises all throughout the day.

The floppy ones: With regular and continuous use, the sole of the shoe seems to give up and at a stage seems to hang out whenever you raise your feet for the next step. Many executives have been seen to be walking awkwardly only to hide the old and rugged shoes.

High heels: While higher heels can be a fashion statement at some places, it does make you uncomfortable and cause hindrance to normal walk. High and flashy heels aren’t quite encouraged in the office. Even when you are on the street or at your home, high heels will only bring discomfort and slow you down. Be stylish but be sensible. High heels look good only when you do a catwalk.

Importance of comfortable fold up shoes

While the above are some warning signs, it is always better to stay at a safer ground, be comfortable, be confident and walk in style. Quality fold-ups can do a job at all places and are a standard at the professional premises. If you haven’t already got yourself a comfortable shoe, it’s high time that you evaluate and set a standard for yourself. Find out what you can keep in your rack and which ones to dispose off.  

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Footwear Industry Facts and Statistics [Infographic]

Footwear sales grew 4.8% in 2013 to £8.7 billion as consumers have continued to spend on footwear, which is seen as an easy way of updating an outfit.

Online sales are increasing in this channel with total online spending reaching and estimated £660 million (inc VAT) in 2011. It is predicted to more than double by 2016.

With this infographic, brought to you by Cocorose London, we are sharing some of the less known facts and statistics about UK Footwear Industry.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Working Women Guide: Tips To Dress Like A Pro For Business Meetings

Competing in business requires a lot of skills, but if you know how to dress well for a business meeting you can (most probably) seal a deal. How you dress is critical because it is somehow related to the level of professionalism you posses.

Suppose you work for a shoe retailer and you are representing your company wearing the shoes manufactured by your company then you can build trust within the community but a wrong selection can work just opposite. Moreover in a meeting people want you to be remembered for your business etiquette and sense not for your high heels or see through dress. Dressing to show off can hurt your professional image so selection of right attire is very crucial.

So How To Dress Like A Pro?

Here are the points you should keep in mind:

1. Wear tailored clothing as it always looks better. Few high quality outfits should be the part of your wardrobe for such kinds of small business meet ups.

2. Conservative colors will remain the standard choice always for both the genders. You can choose black but remember it’s not a cocktail party.

3. Avoiding patterns is essential. You are not there to make a personal statement instead that is all about your business so ignore wide strips for meetings.

4. Tailored pants are fine with a crease. Try to avoid synthetic fabrics. Make sure your pants are as wrinkle free as possible. Stay away from the pants that are too tight.

5. If you are opting for a skirt keep in mind that color and length are crucial here.

6. When it comes to choosing the shoes then I will say fold up shoes should be your first choice. Avoid high heels or the shoes with too much height. It is important to choose the shoes that are comfortable. Shoe color should complement your outfit.

If you are still uncertain about the selection of outfit, go with standard business attire. Always remember that your attire speaks a lot about your personal values.

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Cocorose London Fold Up Shoes

As a child, whenever I looked at the high heels that women wore to parties, I had a hidden desire of wearing them. But things turned to be different when I had the opportunity of wearing such shoes. It was very sad indeed that after wearing these shoes for some time, my legs began aching and I had to find a seat in the party to hide my discomfort. There have also been occasions when I walked without any shoes to my home as the heels bothered me too much. I was really upset with the whole thing, when someone suggested me about foldable flat shoes. 

Flat, foldable shoes from Cocorose London

Flat shoes for party? I was not convinced. But when I checked out the collections at Cocorose London, I was more than happy. Now I had shoes that were flat and comfortable and extremely stylish at the same time. I could keep on wearing them for hours without hurting my feet and without compromising on the style quotient. The specialty of shoes at Cocorose London is that they are foldable in nature. 

See Now: Foldable Travel Shoes 

It means that the shoes can be folded and fit into a small pouch and carried easily from one place to another. The soles of the shoes are made in such a manner that folding them does not cause any harm to the shoes. 

Flat shoes for casual wear 

When I tried wearing flat foldable shoes, I did not feel the need of wearing other kinds of shoes ever. They are extremely comfortable and can be worn to any occasion or event. There are wide collections of such shoes for casual wear. I have worn these shoes while going out shopping or while hanging out with my friends or during some casual work. The shoes are available in wide varieties of designs and patterns to suit every occasion. While some of the shoes come in uniform colors and shades with a shiny or matte finish; some of the shoes come in attractive prints as well. The prints vary from being sober to being extremely bold and flashy. Choose the one that suits your taste and your personality. 

Foldable shoes for parties and special occasions

Since I had problem wearing high heels for long time in parties and special occasions, I chose to wear the lovely flat foldable shoes from Cocorose London for such events. There are special collections of ‘party’ and ‘special event’ shoes in the boutique footwear store. I was taken aback when I was shown the collection. 

While some of the shoes were flashy, shiny and extremely gorgeous in looks and appeal; others had a sober look and feel. Now I have collections of many such shoes in my wardrobe matching with different party outfits. I can now enjoy late night parties comfortably without hurting my feet.  

Lovely pouches for carrying the foldable shoes

Apart from the comfort of the flat foldable shoes and the varieties in which they are available, another thing that is highly attractive about the shoes is that they come in lovely small pouches. After being folded, the shoes become small in size and can be easily put inside the small bag that comes with it. Usually the pouch is made from some velvety material and is lovely to look at. It can be easily tucked into a hand bag. Try the shoes once and you will not look for other options.  

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Why You Should Start Wearing Foldable Shoes From Today? Read Here

It was not long before that I sported those extremely stylish and gorgeous high heels and stilettos for general as well as special occasions. With a height of just 5’2”, those smart 4-5 inch heels made me look taller and slimmer and I had a good collection of them. I started wearing such shoes since a long time. There is no doubt that these look absolutely gorgeous and smart, but it was quite late when I understood the harm that was done to my feet.

If you take a look at the shoe market now for women, you will find that the craze of high heels is really high. Wearing 2-3 inches heels is not considered to be a heel at all. Girls are wearing longer pointed heels. But very few understand the damage that is being done to their feet. I have seen women struggling to walk with their high heels, but they ‘will’ wear them to make a style statement by compromising on the comfort factor.

There have been many days when I had terrible shoe bites or my toes crunched with pain for wearing the heels. Not only these, I had immense pain in the calf muscle or even on the flat of my foot. After returning home, the first thing I did was to soak my feet in warm water to give it relief and comfort. Then I used a cream for massaging my feet that eased the muscle pain considerably. Things continued this way for long, but the extremities were faced much later.

Problems that might be caused by wearing high heels:

Various kinds of problems come up with wearing high heels in women. Lots of research and studies have been conducted on the same. When I faced problems, I read many articles related to the topic. Ankles and knees are badly affected by high heels when you wear them on regular basis. In fact the toes also get crunched as they take loads of pressure on them to maintain the balance. There might be pain in the legs and it might spread till the groin area and the waist if you are not following the right posture for walking in high heels. The spine is also affected by high heels. Many of you might not know, but high heels might have gynecological effects as well. The position of the uterus might change from its original position.

Wearing attractive foldable flat shoes for comfort as well as style

Since I am a sufferer myself, I would recommend not wearing high heels always. Of course you can wear them to a special occasion or a party. But make sure that you change them at the earliest once the party is over. Keep attractive foldable flat pumps in your bag and wear them once the party gets over and when you are lazing and relaxing with family or friends. The foldable shoes come in excellent designs and patterns and you can purchase one in combination with your dress. They are made of soft leather and hence are very comfortable. They can be folded and put in lovely looking bags, which can be easily carried. The flat pumps are available for all occasions and purposes and in varying price ranges. Cocorose London’s foldable flats have become a huge hit with women in all age groups for their stylish yet comfortable shoes.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Offer Alert: Buy Beautiful Fold Up Shoes At Cocorose London Under £60

Fold up shoes are the first choice of modern women when it comes to footwear that is comfortable and stylish. As the festive season is fast approaching, I must say this is the peak time for shopping your favorite accessories. Choosing a pair of shoes which can be teamed up with your dress and complements your appearance, should not be difficult. For budget fashonistas, Cocorose London is up with a sale.

Now buy these beautiful fold up shoes under just £60:

1. Pimlico Black Pony Hair

Foldable, elegant and soft pony hair ballerinas are your perfect companion. Be it a big event or small get to gather, these stylish shoes are sure to turn all the heads.

2. Dalston Orange

Enhance the aura of your personality with these bright, pointed toe and mock croc shoes. Exclusively available at Cocorose London, the perfect shoes to brighten up your outfit.

3. Canonbury Leopard

Statement Leopard prints shoes for women. Prefect with skinny jeans and a great contrast for your floral dress, don’t forget to order them today.

Have you checked our latest infographic? If not please have a look at this visual representation which revolves around the beautiful world of women’s shoes.

4. Farringdon Camouflage Brown

Wear these foldable shoes with jeans and a t-shirt or any outfit of your choice.  Presented in a beautiful gold and black box, order them today.

5. Brixton Purple

Beautiful purple shoes provide maximum comfort and style.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

The Beautiful World Of Women's Shoes

Do you know that an average woman buys 3 pairs of shoes annually?

Do you know the celebrity who owns maximum pairs of shoes?

Well if your answer is no then please check out this infographic. Don't forget to hit the share buttons.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Trend Alert: Luxury Heritage Made in England Collection

The rapid change in fashion industry has opened the doors for new opportunities and surprises. Women today love to buy shoes that are both comfortable and stylish. 

As you may know Cocorose London always aims to surprise customers with their attractive collection of foldup shoes

This season Cocorose London is offering its new luxury heritage collection. Have a look:

1. Bond Street Prism

These fantastic Bond Street Prism ballerinas guarantee a stunning entrance. As the light hits the shoes, it gives a dazzling effect in rainbow colors.

Presented in black and gold Luxury Heritage presentation box these ballerinas are sure to turn all heads.

2. Barnsbury Navy and Silver

Must have suede brogue-style shoes with tassel details, get this one today from Cocorose London.

3. Bond Street Lava

Another stunning one from Cocorose London’s new Luxury Heritage collection must have for every wardrobe!

4. Primrose Hill Metallic Pink

Timeless classic, this metallic pink ballerina shoes are the first choice of fashionable women.

5. Primrose Hill Metallic Green

Soft and supple metallic green ballerinas for unmatched comfort and style, buy today!

6. Primrose Hill Metallic Purple

 These metallic purple shoes will make you look and feel dreamy. 

Someone once said that a woman can’t have enough shoes in her wardrobe. I guess it’s not completely true because having a wardrobe full of shoes and having full of beautiful shoes both are different things. 

As the fashion world is changing rapidly and our favorite brands like Cocorose London, adding trendy shoes to their collection, I must say we can’t have all the beauty inside our wardrobe. Well we must pick up the ones which suit our personality the best. 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Comfortable And Stylish Office Shoes For Women

A numbers of working women are increasingly using office shoes all over the world. When you step into a professional world, there are many things that you need to take care of. Among the many things, dresses and shoes play a pivotal role. How you looked in your professional place that your outlook speaks a lot about your working personality. However, this does not mean that you have to go out of your comfort zone. Choose dresses in which you feel comfortable and confident. The same is applicable for shoes as well. Wearing a high heel might make you look smart in the office, but wearing them all throughout the day is quite painful.  Choose a pair of shoes that not only suit your personality or match with your office space, but should also be comfortable for whole day wear. 

Here are some stylish yet comfortable shoes that are excellent for office wear:

1. Cocorose London Balham Black

Whether you work early morning or late night, this pair of shoes is definitely going to add comfort to your feet. The black ballet pump looks extremely elegant and classic with the silver toggles and smart bow in the front of the shoe. 

2. Cocorose London Barbican Black

When you are looking for no frill shoes, check out this pair of ballet pumps for sure. Available in soft leather with kind of matte finish, the shoe is just perfect for office use.  

3. Farringdon Black  

Looking for some awesome shoes to be adorned during a special event at office? Check out these patent-leather flat pumps. Though they have a very casual look, they are very comfortable to wear and can be teamed with almost all kinds of outfits. 

4. Bayswater Nude 

This pair is excellent for all kinds of occasions. You can wear them to office as well as for casual outings. The leather used in the shoes is very soft and the design at the front and back in same color and material makes it all the more attractive. 

5. St James Patent Marine Navy 

This classic ballerina comes with a stylish bow tie. These shoes become all the more comfortable when you keep on wearing them.  

6. The Royal Ballet Clara 

This stylish flat ballet is made of extremely soft oyster nude leather. The elastic trim and the fashionable bow enhance the beauty of the shoes considerably.  

7. Notting Hill Turquoise 

The attractive pair of shoe is made from classic soft leather and the stylish fringes at the back of the shoe give it a very attractive look. The inner sole is also highly comfortable and keeps the feet relaxed for long.  

8. Sandringham Black 

Extremely chic and elegant footwear for working women in soft black leather, this shoe has become a favorite with all women for its great comfort and cushion quality.  

9. St James Black Lace 

While closely looked, this is a very gorgeous looking flat ballet. The lace printed leather gives a different look and feel to the shoe. The adjustable bow tie is an additional feature that makes the shoe look more beautiful.  

10. Muswell Hill Cream and Black 

The lovely combination of crème and black leather makes the shoe very stylish. The pleated and cinched suede bow gives a touch of elegance to the footwear. It is needless to say that the inner soles are very comfortable.  

Monday, August 18, 2014

5 Super Stylish Foldable Flats #INFOGRAPHIC

The greatest advantage of foldable shoes is that they can be folded and put into a small pouch and carried inside a bag. The shoes are made in such a manner that folding them will not break or damage the sole. The materials used in making the shoes are soft and flexible. This is the reason they are very comfortable for the feet.

Have a look at our top 5 super stylish foldable shoes:

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Tips for choosing, wearing and styling your foldable shoes

Wearing the high heels in the party for few hours can make your legs ache. Once the party is over, you can change your high heels and slip into comfortable flat shoes. Foldable shoes are high in demands in this regard. The greatest advantage of foldable shoes is that they can be folded and put into a small pouch and carried inside a bag. The shoes are made in such a manner that folding them will not break or damage the sole. The materials used in making the shoes are soft and flexible. This is the reason they are very comfortable for the feet.

Adorning stylish foldable shoes for various occasions

Taking a look at the wide range of foldable shoes will amaze you to no extent. A lot of people have a notion that the foldable shoes can only be used indoors. But it is not so. Stylish foldable shoes can be worn at parties and other occasions too. These shoes are made of leather as well as of canvas material. The leather used is very soft so it is easy to fold the shoes without causing any damage. It is very interesting to see that the shoes are available in wide varieties of colors. You can purchase a shoe that goes well with your dress. In fact you can have collections of such shoes in many colors so that you can rotate them and wear.

While some of the shoes are plain and simple in their looks, some of them have designs made on them. Many shoes have pretty bows and laces on the front part to make the shoes more attractive. Though these shoes are flats without heels, yet they are not less stylish in looks and appearance. They can be easily adorned at special occasions and parties. They will not only help in making a style statement but also impart comfort to the legs.

Choosing the right pair of foldable shoes

If you are making up your mind for buying foldable shoes, make sure that you purchase the right pair. First and foremost know the right size of your feet so that you get best-fitting shoes. If you are purchasing these shoes from a physical store, you can check the size there. But if you are buying them from online stores, make sure that you choose the right size. Next, check the material of the shoe. Since these shoes are foldable they will be made from soft materials like canvas, soft leather etc. Also know about the sole of the shoe so that it does not get damaged with folding. These shoes are designed in a manner so that when folded they fit into a small pouch and can be carried easily.

Cocorose London – one stop destination for foldable shoes for women

Among the many online stores that deal with foldable shoes, Cocorose London needs a special mention. The online store has some of the most amazing collections of foldable shoes in various colors and designs. The various sizes that are available can be referred to as Mini, Petite, Regular, Grande and Extra Shot. They also come in varied price ranges. Customers can choose the one that suits their requirements in the best possible manner. Wearing these shoes makes one look smart and stylish along with making the legs feel relaxed and comfortable.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday, July 04, 2014

Why Cocorose ballet pumps are the best!

Every girl loves something comfy to slip on her feet, so it is almost guaranteed that nearly every girl will have a pair of ballet pumps in her wardrobe, and of course us girls would not choose to buy great pumps from anywhere else but Cocorose London! Although sometimes we can struggle with what we should wear them with, but thanks to Cocorose London we have given you a few things to keep in mind when rocking your gorgeous ballet pumps.

1. Give those fab feet a rest!

One of the star qualities and most loved things about Cocorose London is the fact that they fold up in a pretty little bag and they are also so easy to slip in your bag and take anywhere!  So they are perfect for a quick fix solution to aching feet. For example you wear your biggest and most killer heels on a night out but you know you won’t be able to wear them all night. So what do you do? Well of course the perfect solution would be to bring a nice little pair of fold away shoes that fit easily into your bag and will be easy to slip on to give those feet a break!

2. Great for the long summer days!

In the summer heat the main thing to remember is too stay comfy! And some of us fashionista’s can forget that this is just as important as looking great! So keep in mind for the summer that if you are planning a long day or night out a great thing to pack is a pair of fold up ballet pumps.

For example if you was to bring two pairs of shoes and one of them was not foldable and light in weight your lovely summer day out may not be the same. Here at Cocorose our ballet pumps are extremely light just like the little pouch that they come in is too. So they can be held all day long and you will not be feeling weighed down or tiered with them.

3. Fab shoes fab pouch!

As you have probably seen our pumps come with a little fold up pouch that you can put the pumps into and the adorable little pouch also has the same pattern on as the shoes themselves! So the pouch is a great little accessory to hold with a pretty design on it, and what is even better is that there is no extra cost for the pouch!

So there you have it, three top reasons why Cocorose ballet pumps are the best! If you liked this blog stay social and let us know!

Friday, June 20, 2014

The Hottest Women’s Shoes Trends of 2014

What is the greatest joy in shopping? Obviously the hunt for trendy footwear; shoes have the mysterious ability to make you feel comfortable, confident and wonderful. Regardless of what’s going on in your life or the day is favorable or not, a nice pair of shoes is always your best companion.  There is nothing better than making a collection of your favorite shoes under your fixed budget. Here we are sharing seven hottest pair of shoes from Cocorose London which can add beauty to your wardrobe as well as your personality.

1. Notting Hill Turquoise

This is the one to die for. Color and designs inspired by Turquoise island, this pair of shoes going to be a show stealer.

2. St James Burgundy

These beautiful burgundy ballet pumps are wardrobe essentials. Hand-crafted in England using fine leather, available exclusively at Cocorose London!

3. Brixton Nude

This is the one from the new flash collection. This soft and foldable nude leather flats have a contrasting black elastic trim for extra comfort. Grab it today from Cocorose in a gold presentation box.

4. Farringdon Kissing Lips

Next eye-catching one from the new flash collection, make a style statement with Farringdon Kissing Lips. These fun and beautiful shoes are sure to win the hearts. 

5. Greenwich Dip-Dye Pink

Lovely pink and grey leather ballerina is a dip-dye optics, ready to enhance your personality. Shop today and turn the heads.

6. Liberty Collection Bond Street Sequin Blue

From our Luxury Heritage section, fresh and totally stylish, designed and made with sequined Liberty Art Fabric 'Manuela'. 

7. Pimlico Black Pony Hair

Soft and foldable pony hair ballerinas that can go with any outfit, exclusively for the women who love black, shop it today.