Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Spring That Summer Time

Christmas was only a month ago, but as January begins to draw to a close, we start to look forward, towards the forthcoming spring and summer time.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and Easter will follow shortly after that.

Once the clocks go forward on March 29th, the nights will start pulling out and the days will be longer.

Evenings will be spent in beer gardens, down by the river and in the parks, watching the sun slowly go down, and the air will get slightly cooler meaning it is most definitely cardigan weather.

Boots, earmuffs, scarves and gloves will be packed away for the winter season far, far ahead, and out will come the hats, sunglasses and flats. And we think it’s fair to say we know a thing or two about flats. 

Flats are another term for the Ballet shoe, and also can be referred to as ballet pumps, ballet flats or dolly shoes. The original ballet shoe designed for ballet dancing come about in the 16th century and was made from soft leather, canvas or satin. The soles were thin and flexible which made it ideal for both women and men to dance in them.

Ballet pumps as they are more commonly known as today are derived from the original ballet shoe and grew rapidly in the 20th century thanks to their appeal of day and evening wear, along with the vast range of prints, textures and trends.

In association with The Royal Ballet, we have an exclusive capsule collection of our signature, foldable ballet pumps and travel purse in a unique presentation box.

The Royal Ballet Clara  



The Royal Ballet Aurora    



The Royal Ballet Alice



So, we think flats or ballet pumps are pretty special. Not only are they approved by The Royal Ballet, but they are also approved by you.

Foldable fold up ballet shoes have come a long way since we launched in 2007 and our collections just keep growing. As mentioned in the previous blog we have a new SS15 collection on its way very soon and we are very excited for you to see for yourselves what we have in store.

We hope you like it as much as we do, and we personally can’t wait for Spring to arrive.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Trend Alert: Women Foldable Shoes Latest News

Trends literally change daily. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed while shopping for the shoes because of the plethora of choices available. Every pair has its own style and when it comes to foldable shoes you will definitely find out lots of fashionable ones. Tips we are going to share in the below article will help you in choosing the right pair of shoes according to your lifestyle.

Do you come from the office going population? Well if you said yes then you should never wear high heels as it can cause serious foot problems. Apart from that high heels affect your posture as well. I know they look stylish but they are not at all comfortable and if wearing them for all day long, they are surely the worst choice.  

If you are tight on budget, you can always look for attractive offers and sales. Don’t overspend on your shoe budget (in case you have a predefined budget), and I won’t advice you to settle for less either but there are beautiful shoes available at affordable prices as well. 

Comfort is a major factor. With foldable shoes you get the combination of comfort and style. Go through Cocorose London’s collection of foldable shoes in case if you are looking for trendy ones. Always keep in mind that the health of your feet largely depends on the footwear you choose. So don’t ever compromise over the comfort factor.

If your shoes fit correctly and feel comfortable on your feet you can easily avoid a lot of foot problems down the road.

High heels often cause accidental falls, particularly while walking under the influence of alcohol after partying hard or on a slippery surface. To avoid these kinds of situation it is advisable to wear shoes that are comfortable.

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

10 Foldable Shoes to Buy This Season

Leather foldable shoes are highly sophisticated to wear and are specifically designed for the modern women. It seems to be exclusively lovable product and you can wear it with any kind of corporate or stylish formal dress. If you are weary of wearing high heels and pained feet then do not worry any more as companies these days provide the most endearing solution to overcome these issues. Considering the rising demand of fashion in addition to comfortable walk, you can prefer for the foldable shoes from the market or online stores. There are numerous ultra-modern versions available in leather materials such as metallic, snakeskin and patent leather.

Everyone feels complete by wearing fully covered shoes made up of rubber or other material but it seems to be pinching through out the day. If you prefer for these leather handy shoes that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable for the whole day as you wear them throughout the day. Usually leather is denoted as the reliable material for providing fullest comforts. For this reason, manufacturers are making use of quality leather to develop creative shoes for daily use. All women who are working reduce the use of big heels shoes since they seem to be uncomfortable to walk. Hence, most of the designers design trendy and fashionable shoes by considering the excessive demand of the women. Foldable shoes come in huge variety of sizes and colors. There are huge numbers of summer collections available in foldable shoes and some of them are as follows:

Flat Ballet Cityslips Foldable Slippers

This slipper can be highly preferable with any kind of wardrobe. Since the super slick metallic pair will amplify your outfit. 

Fold-Up Ballerina Pump Cocorose London

This kind of bow-tie pair is usually worn for the ballet class as it is a special version for the spring season and it mainly suits the girlie lass. 

Flat Ballet J.Crew Cece Suede 

It is one of the modified suede edition and comes with bold blue that seems to add additional look to the feet and it is good to wear for trekking. 

Gap Bow Urban Flats

You will never go wrong by choosing this camel-hued flat which is in the form of bow-tie. It is extremely chic and comes with drawstring bag so that you can keep your flats safe inside the bag.  

Elastic Top Line Yosi Samra Ballet Flats 

This kind of flat provide exotic feel and it expose your pink skin to realize a lively spin. It is also one variety of traditional ballet shoes. 
Footzy Rolls

There is only limited edition in this type and especially in combination with orange color. Everybody likes to wear neon orange for this spring season. It is a suitable explodes for your leg and it offers bright look. 

Tory Burch Eddie Dance flat

It is simple flat with black color and boasts a cool pebbled touch which is very comfortable. 

Ballet Flat in Patent Leather

This fold over flat seems to be extremely functional and it also seems to be totally luxurious. Everybody loves to wear shiny natural shade and this flat suits all kinds of wardrobe. 

Roll-Up Commuter Flat: With Travel Pouch 

For more casual group people, it seems to add pretty color shades of pink color.

Black Diamond Snakeskin Ballet Flats

Most of the people love the glossy snakeskin-embossed texture in addition to black bow feature.