Monday, December 26, 2016

Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Ladies

The season of being CHRISTMASSY is here. With immense joy, cheer and extravaganza, in the air, Christmas calls for celebrations to the utmost corner of one’s heart. But this festival of light, joy, chill and all the magic is not complete without something. That something is GIFTS.

How can one miss Christmas gifts that play a crucial part? To impress a woman with some cheer play, there is some mind fuming gifts ideas that are super chic and of course gives a series of options to accessorise. Let's find some:

1.    Some Lacy Footwear:

Women have their eye for accessorising and when it comes to shoes, the game goes beyond and wide. How about gifting this black lacy foldable shoes to your dear ones? This is so cute and adds a chic quotient instantly.

2.    A Pop of Colour:

Make a game on point with this beautiful shoes with a pop of colour. These comfortable shoes have got an eye of the world. This elegant but jazzy ballerina shoes can lighten up your day and goes seemingly well for any occasion you step to.

3.    A Note of Blue:

March the world with this stunning blue ballerina that calls for a perfect fold up shoes having a black lace overlay. These shoes account for an ultimate shoe option and you will be hard pushed to bling wherever you head.

4.    A Pair of Appliqué Loafers:

We all have a heart to loafers and applique detailing is another call in the season. Opt for this gorgeous pair of applique loafers to make your occasion be all glitterati. These are individually handcrafted and offers a premium leather finish.

5.    Black Star and Moon Appliqué Ballerinas:

Now add a new dose of fold up shoes in your collection with this black star and moon appliqués on point. This shoe is unparalleled in style and uplifts your style game instantly. Opt this for high brilliance.

6.    Lace It Up:

Go up for parties wearing this Belgravia black lace flat foldable shoes calling you on high notes of elegance. These are supremely chic and laced with a sense of timelessness..

7.    A Classy Royal Ballet Makeup Pouch:

Makeup has got many women soul attached. With this, she uplifts her looks and makes it even sharper. So, why not gift your women squad something that is of incredibly high usage- a makeup bag. This makeup bag is created in collaboration with Royal ballet and features the iconic crest.

8.    Black Royal Ballet Makeup Bag:

 An ultimate gift for ballet and dance lovers is this stunning black royal ballet makeup purse. With the collaboration of Royal Ballet it features nothing less than a marvel.

9.    A Precious Pendant:

To gift something special to the love of your life, there is no sparkling gift than a precious pendant that remains encircled to her neck and close to her heart of course. This silver pendant is a glory in itself and perfect Christmas gift to bring that Smile.

10.    A Pearl Gold Indulgence:

Showcase an eternal love with something that defines your wisdom. This gorgeous gold and pearl pendant showcases a Japanese leaf imparting immense magic to all its beauty.

So, folks Christmas gifts can be better than this. Make a note of high indulgence with gifts that describe love, care and cheers. 

Monday, November 21, 2016

The 10 Types of Shoes Every Woman Should Own

If it is not for diamonds, then it has to be shoes. Women have a wide shoe fetish and they find their best bet in finding that gorgeous beauty. Be it the pumps, boots, foldable shoes, or high heels, women stock up plenty of it through her life. But there are some must haves. So, we tell you 10 types of shoes every woman should own:

1.    The Business of Pointed Pumps:

If it has to be something, it has to be for pointed shoes for women.  A gorgeous classy piece in a suede or leather accentuates your style and makes you look all things classy.

2.     The Delight of Ankle Strap Sandals:

Women know how to pull the game right. Ankle strap sandals are another inspiration for women having an eye for plenty of shoes. Ankle strap sandals when teamed right on a skirt or jeans, creates the magic making any normal look go amaze balls.

3.    Give A Toast To Ankle Boots:

Next, come in action is ankle boots. They have an eye in making the look go exceptionally stunning. Leather ankle boots with a sleek fit have an edge to style a lot of attires brilliantly. Even it is a pair of jeans or dresses; the final look makes a robust appearance.

4.    The Comfort of Loafers:

Amongst comfortable shoes for women, loafers are just impeccable. They are comforting, comes in a variety of options and to have it all. They are a quintessential run around shoes. A popped up colour or black basic goes on almost everything.

5.    Vouch For Animal Print Love On Heels:

Animal prints have not lost its charm. Even if it is a snakeskin or a leopard print, it does not leave any loopholes in adding a sultry style to your flawless look. It all adds a subtle or neutral touch when mixed correctly with other outfits. The solid colours rock in these shoes.

6.    The Metal Bling:

For women who like to add the bling in every affair, metal shoes are an addition. They are chic, inspirational and accentuate the beauty of a look to some next level. They are certainly a no-brainer for an impressionable look.

7.    Comeback of Short Stacked Heels:

If you have not lived under the rock, you must know the serious comeback of short stacked heels. You get an added comfort and yes your style statement is not compromised.

8.    Go Casual With Sneakers:

To be true, the world has never seen a trend as interesting and deep as that of sneakers. Without a tad of doubt, pull them off with almost anything and you get an impression worth a million. Turn an offbeat look by teaming them with jeans, dresses, leggings and anything that pop out of your mind.

9.    Flat Sandals:

Flat sandals are highly comfortable and add the brilliance of next level to any outfit. Tie them with lacings or simple with the strap, they have an edge to enhance the style of any look.

10.    Ballet Flats:

They are just a stunning piece of fold up shoes that turns up a look to new heights. Ballet flats offer sheer comfort and a captivating style statement, these are a must have shoe for every woman.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Tips to Select Perfect Party Wear Shoes

Getting ready with things in place is not a big deal. But getting things on place certainly is. Clothes, shoes, makeup, jewellery, it's a way lot of work to make a dazzling appearance. But hey, girls can't ignore on that part. Peace to some to a big struggle for others, it need to be done right. So, you have put the fab dress on for the party and what about shoes? They come as a difficult part to select for pulling out any party outfit in its best form. Sneakers, flats, heels or what? Well, undoubtedly flats shoes for women have made a remarkable impression with its convenience of wearing over anything.  We are not kidding, check with fashion squads and they will give thumbs up to fold up shoes and flat shoes.

So, let's find out some tips and hacks to select perfect party wear shoes:

1.    Go With Your Height:

Well if you naturally have longer legs, you are blessed. Long legs are fab and if you are gifted by that don’t worry you can ramp in any party without much of heel thoughts. Pair your flat shoes  as often as you go with heels. If you are a heel freak, we can't blame you. We all are. But long legs have an edge to team up any sort of shoes as it accentuates their beauty every way. So, yes, party dress with flat shoe won't be a bad choice girls.

2.    Comfort Head High:

We all know how comfort plays with us. High heels are miserable to be worn for a long time. And if you are at a party, dancing with little booty shaking, it gradually adds more pain. So, pick your outfit for the party sincerely as you don’t want to ache your legs for another day. Opt for wedges, flat shoes and why not sneakers. They are super cool and add all the absurd drama in one way.

3.    Keep Your Style Up According To You Body:

We all know now how much knowing your body matters. It helps greatly in dressing up. While selecting shoe women should keep some few styling in mind. If you have shorter leg length from knee to ankle, you need to be cautious about wearing anything strappy and wearing anything too high up the foot. Remember closed shoes shorten the length of the feet and the legs. Shoes with low front end give an illusion of longer legs and narrow ankles. Another piece of advice  is while choosing low cut T-strap shoes you don’t need to worry as they go well with almost every body type. Ankle straps, on the other hand, looks good only on long legs.

4.    Stock Up Stockings:

Stockings are brilliant in adding glamour and extra edge to your style. A sheer black stocking will ask for a pair of black shoes while a flesh toned tights may go out with almost anything. So, stockings are an ideal choice and will put your style game on fleek.

5.    Colour You Can’t Ignore:

Coloured shoes can certainly add versatility to our outfit. However, a wrong choice may turn out to be a disaster. Gold and silver tones, glitters, nudes, black and whites are safe options. When experimenting with solid hues keep a tinge of outfit colour in your head. Contrasting is cool but hey, it needs to be done extremely right.

Thursday, September 08, 2016

6 Tips to Help You Select Right Pair of Shoes

To look stylish in a right pair of shoes is game on. Girls have a fantasy for shoes and going wrong cannot count.  No matter you wear it with jeans, skirts, shorts and dungarees, a right pair of jeans can bling your style game. Whether you are wearing designer sneakers, heels or flat shoes, everything makes its own impression. Let’s find out the right pair of shoes for your aid:

1.    Show It Off Like A Pro:
When you wear your favorite shoes, make it a note that you show off. There is no point making all the drama without getting noticed. No matter even if you wear heels on your jeans, the effect of your heels should get the eyes.

3.    Sneakers are For Everywhere:
Even if in your dreams you are thinking that sneakers are restricted for particular outfits, it’s time to wake up. Sneaker fashion is going crazy and girls are loving and living these. The whites are flowing in nerves and accepted widely in the global fashion. If you have these, you have it all. You can also eye for designer sneakers adorned crazily by the Fashionistas and literally up for your game of style.

4.    A Right Pair of Nude Shoes:
If you are thinking to buy a pair of nudes, go grab it now. They are super chic and no matter what nude heels, nude flats, nude boots and even nude sneakers are super in. It tremendously goes well with any outfit and definitely you make an impression to hold with these.

5.    Slip On Are Just Right:
If you think that the fever of slip ons is over, go check back. They are still in fashion and make you super comfy. They go right with a good pair of jeans, shorts and let you be all snuggling in with the cosy vibes. They are just perfect for that casual no pain day.

6.    Heels Can Never Go Wrong:
 Heels brighten up your personality and when you are in the dilemma of what to wear with that basic tee and ripped jeans, you can rest with a pair of heels. Unlike flat shoes for women, heels can make you go cranky but wait, how beautifully they enhance your personality is just perfect. Heels are not bound to only for skirts or short dresses. Wear it like a diva anywhere you head and show your wisdom.

While selecting shoes, keep an eye to look for variations and something that sorts the purpose. Sticking with the basics is no bad but why not to experiment with some glitters and gold. Try ingesting fashion that is chic and comfy.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

12 Beautiful and Comfortable Shoes for Women

Along with beautiful dresses and diamonds, there is another thing about which most women are obsessed. Yes you guessed it right. Shoes! Check out the wardrobe of any fashionable woman and you will find that she has vast collections of shoes. Fashionistas believe that without the right pair of shoes the dress remains incomplete. So, having the right pairs of shoes is very important. Moreover, they should be stylish and comfortable at the same time.

Mentioned below are 12 kinds of shoes that are a must for wardrobe of any woman:

1.       Black Pumps –They are a staple in the wardrobe of any woman. Whether in leather or in suede material, the pumps are perfect with any kind of dress. Flaunt elegance and sophistication with these pumps any time you want. 

2.       Heels with Animal Prints – If you are looking to add style to your boring dress, try some heels with snake prints. Leopard skin or snake skin prints are the most popular choices. Check that the prints match in some way to the attire you are wearing. The heels can be pointed ones or in block style.


3.       Ballet Flats – Sometimes your feet need rest too and this is when the ballet flats come to use. With the availability of flat foldup shoes, you can pack them in a small bag and carry them to places you go. The run-around shoe is available in myriad colors. Having a black one is mandatory though!

4.       Platform Wedges – Many people say that these shoes look like walking with a brick under the feet. Platform wedges are impart considerable height and are stylish at the same time. Available in different colors, choose the one that is in sync with your attires.

5.       Flat Sandals – Flat sandals and foldableshoes are just perfect for the summers. Team them with floral dresses or with cut-off shorts and make great style statement without doing much. The styles of flat sandals are varied and look chic and fancy.

6.       Sandals with Ankle Straps – Ankle strap sandals bring a chic effect to the legs. The strap seems to be barely there making the shoe stylish. Wear the shoe with any kind of outfit for that smart appeal. Your legs seem lengthened with these shoes.

7.       Tall Flat Boots – This footwear will never go out of fashion and style. Available in different shades, right from black, beige, brown, dark tan etc, these shoes are great for fall and winters. Wear the boots with jeans to complete the looks. 

8.       Short Stacked Heels – This style was quite popular in the 90s and is making a comeback in the fashion world strongly. With proper grip to the feet and the ankles, the heels are not high and are pretty comfortable. Get some height sans discomfort.

9.       Sneakers – Having sneakers is kind of mandatory in the closet of a woman. Whether it is for the weekend fun or for a short distance travel, sneakers just can’t go wrong. Wear it with any kind of attire and it goes with the dress comfortably.

10.   Metallic Heels – Want to shine at a party? Wear those shimmery metallic heels with your pretty short dress for grabbing eyeballs at the event. However, these shoes can also be worn during daytime when teamed with a smart dress.

11.   All-Weather Boots – All weather boots are must have in the wardrobe of any woman. So whether during rains or in snow or ice, these boots will be great. These booths are stylish looking and provide cover for the feet as well.

12.   Ankle Boots – Are you looking to add some panache to your appeal? The sleek ankle boots can do magic for you for sure. Team up these shoes with three-quarter denims, jeans or even dresses and see how different they make you look.

Reputed shoe brands manufacture all these varieties of shoes. Choose the one that fits you and matches with your style and personality.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Lace Up With Shoes That Tops All Charts

Eyeing for the shoes that reigned the runway? Yes, shoe affair is that close knitted and women have a big room for their vast shoe fashion. It’s the shoe fantasy that is topping all the charts and of course it makes  a great deal and a great buy. A good shoe is one prime requirement and  women choose to rest their feet in the most blissful way. As the say, a woman is always on her toes, so a good and a comfy pair of shoe must come with her desirous deal. Here we tell you the must haves  5 comfortable shoes for women that are making the top charts:

1.       Sneak Out With Sneakers:
The most playful yet quirky go-to-trend is definitely a good pair of sneakers. They are comfy, sporty and uplifts the entire dress up magically. The season is already raining with the magic of white sneakers that can be worn without a doubt on dresses and denims. Best for casual fashion, sneakers in white, nudes and colors makes all the quirk in no time.

2.       The Western Inspiration:
From the cowboy picks to those high heeled boots, western add-ons need to be rightly made. The pumps, the ankle boots, all calls for a statement to make. They are best in ramping up any normal look making it ultimately vivid in all its forms.

3.       Dazzle With Block Heels:
Chunky block heels are ruling the runway and makes for one must have piece  in the collection. Not only they are in trend, but also they call for extreme comfort. So, why not make the stories of happy feet and give them an extra edge? There is a wide range of Foldable ballerinas, sandals, and roped footwears in a blocked heel pattern that is making an immense buzz in the market.

4.       Fun Flats:
Fun flats are what you need to sizzle in this month. They call for extreme comfort and look stunningly peppy when paired with the right outfit. This is the time to elevate your go to flats and opt for some colorful affair breaking the monotonous fashion. A pair decorated with pompoms, ribbons or beading makes the most interesting impression.

5.       Loafers Are Going Nowhere:
Yes, loafers are here to stay. They are making an impression to make the move in this season. The update for the go to loafers are slide loafers that holds  a notch over conventional ones. They are preppy and ingest the much needed carefree look to your entire style. Heels or flats, slide loafers are undoubtedly making up for an offbeat style.