Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Cocorose London at POP at HOF and Our Love for Made in England Shoes

Hello friends, the great news coming from our headquarter and we are very exited to share this news with you all. Your favorite brand, Cocorose London is one of the ten finalists at Pop at HOF. Pop at HoF is a pop up concession that will be part of House Of Fraser’s flagship Oxford Street store from the 12th – 26th of May this summer.

At the end of Pop at HOF, one of the finalists will be selected to retail at House of Fraser for one year. All we need is your love and lots of love dear friends. So please do keep your fingers crossed for Cocorose London.

Have you checked our video? Check it out how our made in England shoes won the heart of judges.

Keep sharing and keep loving your dearest brand, Cocorose London. We will share more information soon!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Cocorose London Foldable Shoes- My First Love!

Every woman loves fashionable shoes. If they fulfill both the purposes namely comfort and fashion, then shoes are the best friends of women while partying, travelling and running. When Cocorose London first invited me to show their collection, I thought it would be just like the ones I have used before. But I was really amazed after viewing their entire collection of foldable shoes closely. I guess they are more than shoes; they are the key to comfort and beauty. My first experience with this leading ballet shoes brand was quite interesting and I want to thank the owner for inviting me to their outlet. 

Attraction for trendy shoes is not a new trend. Each time when we see something super stylish or say more than fashionable we at least think once about it when we at the end of the day go to bed. Every woman out there desires to create a unique collection of shoes. But what are the factors what you, being a woman, consider while buying shoes? I consider comfort and style the most, after that budget and other preferences. Well as I discussed earlier about my visit to Cocorose London, I must add here that the quality of the shoes offered by them is amazing. Moreover you beautiful pair of shoes come in the Cocorose London’s special box.

The things which I personally like about foldable shoes are:

1. You can easily carry them in your handbag

2. I know most of the women love to wear high heels while partying, don’t you think you need a pair of foldable shoes after party? If yes then these folding shoes are perfect choice.

3. These shoes can be teamed up with a variety of outfits. 

4. I just love the collection.

Well apart from the factors I mentioned above the major reason of selecting folding shoes is that they don’t cause injury or pain like high heels.  

You can browse through the collection here: Diffusion Foldable Shoes

This Post was submitted by Ketti, a fashion blogger; want to share your foldable shoes experience?

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Beautiful Pairs of Made in England Ballet Flats under £150.00

At Cocorose London, we are always passionate to revive the charm of luxury heritage and to offer a range of beautiful made in England women’s shoes. Here are our top 9 pair of shoes you can shop under £150.00

Shop these non-foldable, full of comfort and stylish ballet shoes today!

Here is the list:

Notting Hill Baby Pink St James Black Lace St James Patent Pewter Notting Hill Turquoise St James Patent Marine Navy Barnsbury Navy and Silver St James Silver Snake Print St James Patent Russet Red Muswell Hill Cream and Black

1. Notting Hill Baby Pink 

Soft classic leather ballerina shoes with unmatched comfort and style. Presented in a black and gold Luxury Heritage presentation bag, a must have one. 

2. St James Black Lace 

Made in England, using fine leather black lace printed with adjustable bow, simple details added to the understated elegance of this traditionally built ballet shoes. Shop here. 

3. St James Patent Pewter

Classic leather ballerina shoes with adjustable bow tie. Made to offer that unequal comfort and style which you can’t get with ordinary footwear. First choice of fashionistas, visit here. 

4. Notting Hill Turquoise 

Another great pair of shoes from Cocorose London. Inner sole incorporates Poron memory foam cushioning, for unrivalled comfort and support. Playful colour, simple details making it a perfect pair to have in your wardrobe. 

5. St James Patent Marine Navy 

No doubt the most beautiful pair in this category made in England with adjustable bow tie, easy to put on and comes with a beautiful presentation box.  

6. Barnsbury Navy and Silver

So here is your party stealer one. Soft leather and suede classic brogue ballerina shoes will surely complement your party wear the best. Want to know more? Visit here.  

7. St James Silver Snake Print

Playful prints, trendy design, combo of comfort and style. Put on this trendy one and make a style statement. More information here.  

8. St James Patent Russet Red 

Well I think this pair of our Luxury Heritage selection needs no introduction. Party favorite color, complements every outfit perfectly, have a look here. 

9. Muswell Hill Cream and Black 

Soft leather and clinched and pleated suede bow classic brogue ballerina shoes. 

Browse through our full collection of Luxury Heritage shoes here.


Friday, April 11, 2014

Why you should not wear HIGH HEELS? Read Here

After a night out party when you return back to home wearing the heels which you bought for that special occasion, do you feel comfortable while walking? High heels are stylish, trendy and loved by entire feminine community but these high heels can cause a number of injuries too. Here are some key statistics and facts about high heels.

Friday, April 04, 2014

Are you looking for the perfect foldable travel shoes?

Foldable shoes, commonly known as fold up shoes or folding shoes are becoming popular among the young ladies especially among the party- lovers. The reasons are obvious; these shoes are durable, comfy and can be put in a small space of your handbag. After party, returning to home in those painful heels is quite difficult. For the sake of style, ignoring the comfort factor is not a great idea. Foldable shoes are easy to manage and with all the new designs and patterns, these shoes are emerging as a strong alternative to painful heels.

Women who often attend social events or party don’t need to bear the pain caused by high heels because with foldable shoes they can feel the combo of unmatched comfort and style. May be you love to wear high heels during party then you can put on these foldable travel shoes after party. The idea behind the foldable shoes is to lower down the risk of foot injuries and painful blisters.

With folding shoes you can enjoy the social gathering comfortably without compromising over the style, you can walk freely without giving that extra pressure to your feet.

If you are looking for perfect footwear which can be worn after party then fold up shoes should be your first choice.

With the advent of internet, things have completely changed. Now there isn’t any need of visiting store and exploring the collection, you can simply browse through the range one after  the another on various online stores. No doubt you will be amazed to see the beautiful designs and patterns.

Apart from the comfort and design, these foldable shoes are not too expensive. You can easily pick one you love the most within your budget.

So enjoy the benefits of these foldable travel shoes, browse through our collection today!

Cocorose London- 1 of 10 finalists chosen for a Pop Up Concession at House of Fraser on Oxford Street, from 8th - 26th May.

Pop at Hof from HadEnough? Media on Vimeo.