Thursday, November 27, 2014

Footwear Industry Facts and Statistics [Infographic]

Footwear sales grew 4.8% in 2013 to £8.7 billion as consumers have continued to spend on footwear, which is seen as an easy way of updating an outfit.

Online sales are increasing in this channel with total online spending reaching and estimated £660 million (inc VAT) in 2011. It is predicted to more than double by 2016.

With this infographic, brought to you by Cocorose London, we are sharing some of the less known facts and statistics about UK Footwear Industry.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Working Women Guide: Tips To Dress Like A Pro For Business Meetings

Competing in business requires a lot of skills, but if you know how to dress well for a business meeting you can (most probably) seal a deal. How you dress is critical because it is somehow related to the level of professionalism you posses.

Suppose you work for a shoe retailer and you are representing your company wearing the shoes manufactured by your company then you can build trust within the community but a wrong selection can work just opposite. Moreover in a meeting people want you to be remembered for your business etiquette and sense not for your high heels or see through dress. Dressing to show off can hurt your professional image so selection of right attire is very crucial.

So How To Dress Like A Pro?

Here are the points you should keep in mind:

1. Wear tailored clothing as it always looks better. Few high quality outfits should be the part of your wardrobe for such kinds of small business meet ups.

2. Conservative colors will remain the standard choice always for both the genders. You can choose black but remember it’s not a cocktail party.

3. Avoiding patterns is essential. You are not there to make a personal statement instead that is all about your business so ignore wide strips for meetings.

4. Tailored pants are fine with a crease. Try to avoid synthetic fabrics. Make sure your pants are as wrinkle free as possible. Stay away from the pants that are too tight.

5. If you are opting for a skirt keep in mind that color and length are crucial here.

6. When it comes to choosing the shoes then I will say fold up shoes should be your first choice. Avoid high heels or the shoes with too much height. It is important to choose the shoes that are comfortable. Shoe color should complement your outfit.

If you are still uncertain about the selection of outfit, go with standard business attire. Always remember that your attire speaks a lot about your personal values.

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Cocorose London Fold Up Shoes

As a child, whenever I looked at the high heels that women wore to parties, I had a hidden desire of wearing them. But things turned to be different when I had the opportunity of wearing such shoes. It was very sad indeed that after wearing these shoes for some time, my legs began aching and I had to find a seat in the party to hide my discomfort. There have also been occasions when I walked without any shoes to my home as the heels bothered me too much. I was really upset with the whole thing, when someone suggested me about foldable flat shoes. 

Flat, foldable shoes from Cocorose London

Flat shoes for party? I was not convinced. But when I checked out the collections at Cocorose London, I was more than happy. Now I had shoes that were flat and comfortable and extremely stylish at the same time. I could keep on wearing them for hours without hurting my feet and without compromising on the style quotient. The specialty of shoes at Cocorose London is that they are foldable in nature. 

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It means that the shoes can be folded and fit into a small pouch and carried easily from one place to another. The soles of the shoes are made in such a manner that folding them does not cause any harm to the shoes. 

Flat shoes for casual wear 

When I tried wearing flat foldable shoes, I did not feel the need of wearing other kinds of shoes ever. They are extremely comfortable and can be worn to any occasion or event. There are wide collections of such shoes for casual wear. I have worn these shoes while going out shopping or while hanging out with my friends or during some casual work. The shoes are available in wide varieties of designs and patterns to suit every occasion. While some of the shoes come in uniform colors and shades with a shiny or matte finish; some of the shoes come in attractive prints as well. The prints vary from being sober to being extremely bold and flashy. Choose the one that suits your taste and your personality. 

Foldable shoes for parties and special occasions

Since I had problem wearing high heels for long time in parties and special occasions, I chose to wear the lovely flat foldable shoes from Cocorose London for such events. There are special collections of ‘party’ and ‘special event’ shoes in the boutique footwear store. I was taken aback when I was shown the collection. 

While some of the shoes were flashy, shiny and extremely gorgeous in looks and appeal; others had a sober look and feel. Now I have collections of many such shoes in my wardrobe matching with different party outfits. I can now enjoy late night parties comfortably without hurting my feet.  

Lovely pouches for carrying the foldable shoes

Apart from the comfort of the flat foldable shoes and the varieties in which they are available, another thing that is highly attractive about the shoes is that they come in lovely small pouches. After being folded, the shoes become small in size and can be easily put inside the small bag that comes with it. Usually the pouch is made from some velvety material and is lovely to look at. It can be easily tucked into a hand bag. Try the shoes once and you will not look for other options.