Thursday, July 25, 2013

No footwear collection is complete without ballet pumps!

Ballet Pumps are a necessity in every girls shoe collection simply because they are fabulous. Fabulously comfy, fabulously looking, and fabulously affordable!

I think I can safely say there is not a woman in this world who has not worn a pair of ballerina pumps, as they are without a doubt the most comfy shoes a girl could own. Made to suit all types of foot sizes and widths in the most fashionable colours trends and patterns who wouldn’t want to wear them?

A bit of history from where the shoe originated-

Ballerina shoes became popular in the 16th century, in which both men and women wore the trusted style throughout the medieval period. The men’s option was of course labelled as pompes.  The shoes then remained a popular choice to the alternative high-heeled stilettos. The flat ballet shoes also were popularized by the dancing environment, and were given the all clear by researchers as they minimized the possibilities of short and long-term pain in the wearers’ body, which their rival shoe stilettos enforced.

Ballerina Shoes

The 20th century really was the upturn for ballet pumps due to the way technology, trends and customs have changed. It has allowed the shoe to evolve. By this, I am relating to the fact that they are foldable shoes, which simply make the most ideal pair of travel shoes, that can fit into the smallest of handbags and will not cause a threat.

Ballet Pumps

The shoes are soft and have a barely visible heel, which is not only a bonus in the walkable division, it is a trended style related to the ballet shoes. They are perfect for a long day at work, and even ideal to throw on when walking around the house.

After all no footwear, collection is complete without a pair of ballet pumps.

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