Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Shoes that don't dent your Footwear reputation

When we look at purchasing that all important comfortable pair of ‘day-off’ shoes we tend to stray more to trainers, (sneakers for our American fans) but ever wanted something that’s comfortable yet girly, the most definitely required pair of comfy shoes. We love style so why would we even compromise the days off from heels with wearing something we would say is less flattering and appealing to the eye.

We know most of you lovely style queens would say ‘day-off’ we never have one of those, but in reality we all know we want a pair of the most luxuriously comfortable shoes that wont dent our reputation in the footwear department, which we can wear for daily chores, especially if we know we have a long day ahead of us on our feet. Wearing heels all day long does take its toll, and it is very rare to find that divine pair that are also comfortable.

Ballet Pumps

We’ve swayed many lovely ladies to hang up their heels (unless there’s a party of course) and they have wised up to a pair of cute ballet pumps and let’s just say, they were more of a hit than their usual foot attire.

With so many colourful, patterned and beautifully shaped styles of these perfect everyday shoes to choose from you wouldn’t need to revamp your whole wardrobe, unless you wanted to of course ;).

See what combination of colour, pattern and altogether quirkiness catches your eye, with this seasons style.

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