Thursday, January 23, 2014

Comfy Shoes- Good for Style and Great for Health

Comfy shoes should be all we wear on our feet, this New Year it’s a good idea to make it one of your resolutions to look after your body and all its joints. The damage a pair of heels cause on a night out can build up and cause all sorts of horrible problems later on in life, so make a change to your footwear before it’s too late. 

Wearing high heels on a regular basis can cause all sorts of back problems, foot and heel problems and also migraines and headaches. Your feet are the foundation of your whole body as they keep you balanced and stable, so why tease them.

Wearing comfy shoes is extremely important for your physical health and also for your physical appearance. Flat shoes for women such as ballet pumps and ballerina shoes are fashionable so will not harm or dampen your physical style. 

The amount of pressure our feet bare the force of can be anything up to three to four times our body weight when running around. Your feet are the sole of your body and they get you from point A to B, so why not do it in comfort.

Let go of the unnecessary stress a pair of high heels cause on your knees, ankles and entire spine and purchase the right pair of shoes that have the perfect combination of style and maximum comfort. 

We recommend you check out Cocorose London. They have many stunning and up to date designs and well as luxury materials. Their foldable shoes also make a perfect pair of travelling shoes as they fit neatly into a compact purse. 

Give your feet the comfort they need and do your body proud when it comes to that New Year’s resolution. To remain mobile when you have considerable aged you need to start looking after your feet today.

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