Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Foldable Pumps are the Party Saviour

Looking to buy a stylish pair of shoes? Let’s talk about some latest trends first, the footwear trends that are stylish yet comfortable. 

When working with the style factor, we party freaks often ignore the comfort factor. But at the end of the party, when you are leaving for your home, what matters the most-style or comfort?

At Cocorose London, they have created the right balance of possibly the two most important factors we women consider when it comes to purchasing any pair of shoes. Comfort and style can sway anyone and everyone’s mind when it comes to the all important purchase.

In our minds when it comes to picturing a pair of stylish shoes I am pretty sure nearly all of the female population and many of the males will see a shoe with at least a 4 inch heel. This is why we would like to bring Cocorose’s beloved ballet pumps to your attention.

They are designers of flat shoes for women which are stylish and trendy and the main point being they are comfortable! They are simply delightful to wear and we recommend that they should most definitely occupy a space in your wardrobe.

The range of flat ballet shoes includes some stunning patterned designs as well as the bold basics and the classic elegant leather designs such as the Dulwich black and the Bayswater black, which you can see on their website.

If you feel you need to wear high heels to an event, these little gems are foldable so can be snuck into your bag for a discrete change during the night. This is ideal so that your feet get the luxury they deserve towards the end of the night so you can plan a safe get away.

We fully promote Cocorose’s foldable ballet pumps for foot welfare reason’s as well as stopping all fashion victim disasters and any embarrassing barefoot scenarios which may occur on a night out. These pumps are the party saviour.

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