Thursday, March 27, 2014

The 6 Best Things about Foldable Shoes

6 reasons to fall in love with our new collection of foldable shoes

Foldable shoes, commonly known as “roll up shoes” and “fold up shoes”, have become a style statement nowadays. There was a time when women only prefer to wear high heels which complement their wardrobe but now the things are different. I won’t say that high heels are not in trend or women don’t wish to buy them but if we particularly talk about the combo of style and comfort then foldable flats are on the top. Have you ever thought why these folds up shoes are becoming the market favorite?  Well here are some best things about these shoes which made them the first love of trendy woman:

1. Unmatched comfort

Foldable shoes are extremely comfortable. They can make you feel easy after wearing the high heels whole day. Blisters and ankle pain are the common things faced by women who wear high heels almost regularly for long duration. With foldable shoes you get a level of comfort which you won’t get with high heels. When it comes to after party shoes, foldable flats are the perfect choice.

2. Stylish alternative

Foldable shoes come in variety of designs and colors. You will never run out of choice means for everyone a pair of shoes is always there. Above all you don’t need to visit stores physically, fold up shoes are easily available online.

3. Light weight

These after party shoes are so light in weight and can be easily carried. You can put them in your handbag; they just require a little space. After party you can put on these shoes and can easily walk to your home.

4. Fashion statement

Celebrities are following this fashion trend. You can easily spot out your favorite celebs wearing these stylish roll up shoes. Any women with good fashion sense will surely love these shoes.

5. Durability

Apart from style and comfort what else you want in a shoes-durability; yes these folding pumps are durable. 

6. Endless choices

Well as I said earlier folding pumps come in variety of designs, sizes and colors. You can explore a wide range of foldable shoes at Cocorose London.

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