Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Stylish Alternatives To Uncomfortable High Heels Are Here

High heels are stylish and can make a style statement when teamed up with any outfit. But these trendy heels can also make you suffer from foot pain and many other injuries. According to surveys, 1 out of 3 women don’t feel comfortable while walking in high heels. It means around 30% of women find it difficult to walk after wearing high heels. I must add here that among 70% of the women who love to wear high heels, 67% women said that they have suffered from foot pain due to high heels at least once. Well let’s leave the calculation and surveys here; we are not digging into deep.

Here we are sharing a brief about some of the fashionable and comfortable alternatives to high heels:

1. Ballet Flats

Ballet shoes are your perfect choice if the loss of height is not a big concern. These shoes are fashionable, comfortable and can be teamed up with any outfit. They are easy to carry and yes they require just a little space. You don’t need to compromise over fashion because these flats are available in a range of designs and colors. 

2. Boots

Best to be put on during winters, in the climate where temperature is just reaching the lowest level these foldable boots are a perfect choice. Boots are a sure head turner while partying or even while walking these shoes makes a style statement.  

3. Wedges

Well these shoes are for women who are in need to keep the height of heels. Unlike heels, the pressure of your body while you move is distributed evenly after wearing wedges. 

4. Foldable shoes 

Foldable Shoes

I prefer to call them, “my dear companion after party”, they really provide unmatched comfort and style. Last summer I got a pair as a gift from Cocorose London- Pop at HOF finalist.   

5. Point flats

How can I forget to give them a place in my high heels alternative’s list? These shoes provide the height as well as the comfort, so you can enjoy the combo of fashion and comfort with them.

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