Friday, July 04, 2014

Why Cocorose ballet pumps are the best!

Every girl loves something comfy to slip on her feet, so it is almost guaranteed that nearly every girl will have a pair of ballet pumps in her wardrobe, and of course us girls would not choose to buy great pumps from anywhere else but Cocorose London! Although sometimes we can struggle with what we should wear them with, but thanks to Cocorose London we have given you a few things to keep in mind when rocking your gorgeous ballet pumps.

1. Give those fab feet a rest!

One of the star qualities and most loved things about Cocorose London is the fact that they fold up in a pretty little bag and they are also so easy to slip in your bag and take anywhere!  So they are perfect for a quick fix solution to aching feet. For example you wear your biggest and most killer heels on a night out but you know you won’t be able to wear them all night. So what do you do? Well of course the perfect solution would be to bring a nice little pair of fold away shoes that fit easily into your bag and will be easy to slip on to give those feet a break!

2. Great for the long summer days!

In the summer heat the main thing to remember is too stay comfy! And some of us fashionista’s can forget that this is just as important as looking great! So keep in mind for the summer that if you are planning a long day or night out a great thing to pack is a pair of fold up ballet pumps.

For example if you was to bring two pairs of shoes and one of them was not foldable and light in weight your lovely summer day out may not be the same. Here at Cocorose our ballet pumps are extremely light just like the little pouch that they come in is too. So they can be held all day long and you will not be feeling weighed down or tiered with them.

3. Fab shoes fab pouch!

As you have probably seen our pumps come with a little fold up pouch that you can put the pumps into and the adorable little pouch also has the same pattern on as the shoes themselves! So the pouch is a great little accessory to hold with a pretty design on it, and what is even better is that there is no extra cost for the pouch!

So there you have it, three top reasons why Cocorose ballet pumps are the best! If you liked this blog stay social and let us know!

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