Saturday, August 02, 2014

Tips for choosing, wearing and styling your foldable shoes

Wearing the high heels in the party for few hours can make your legs ache. Once the party is over, you can change your high heels and slip into comfortable flat shoes. Foldable shoes are high in demands in this regard. The greatest advantage of foldable shoes is that they can be folded and put into a small pouch and carried inside a bag. The shoes are made in such a manner that folding them will not break or damage the sole. The materials used in making the shoes are soft and flexible. This is the reason they are very comfortable for the feet.

Adorning stylish foldable shoes for various occasions

Taking a look at the wide range of foldable shoes will amaze you to no extent. A lot of people have a notion that the foldable shoes can only be used indoors. But it is not so. Stylish foldable shoes can be worn at parties and other occasions too. These shoes are made of leather as well as of canvas material. The leather used is very soft so it is easy to fold the shoes without causing any damage. It is very interesting to see that the shoes are available in wide varieties of colors. You can purchase a shoe that goes well with your dress. In fact you can have collections of such shoes in many colors so that you can rotate them and wear.

While some of the shoes are plain and simple in their looks, some of them have designs made on them. Many shoes have pretty bows and laces on the front part to make the shoes more attractive. Though these shoes are flats without heels, yet they are not less stylish in looks and appearance. They can be easily adorned at special occasions and parties. They will not only help in making a style statement but also impart comfort to the legs.

Choosing the right pair of foldable shoes

If you are making up your mind for buying foldable shoes, make sure that you purchase the right pair. First and foremost know the right size of your feet so that you get best-fitting shoes. If you are purchasing these shoes from a physical store, you can check the size there. But if you are buying them from online stores, make sure that you choose the right size. Next, check the material of the shoe. Since these shoes are foldable they will be made from soft materials like canvas, soft leather etc. Also know about the sole of the shoe so that it does not get damaged with folding. These shoes are designed in a manner so that when folded they fit into a small pouch and can be carried easily.

Cocorose London – one stop destination for foldable shoes for women

Among the many online stores that deal with foldable shoes, Cocorose London needs a special mention. The online store has some of the most amazing collections of foldable shoes in various colors and designs. The various sizes that are available can be referred to as Mini, Petite, Regular, Grande and Extra Shot. They also come in varied price ranges. Customers can choose the one that suits their requirements in the best possible manner. Wearing these shoes makes one look smart and stylish along with making the legs feel relaxed and comfortable.

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