Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Trend Alert: Luxury Heritage Made in England Collection

The rapid change in fashion industry has opened the doors for new opportunities and surprises. Women today love to buy shoes that are both comfortable and stylish. 

As you may know Cocorose London always aims to surprise customers with their attractive collection of foldup shoes

This season Cocorose London is offering its new luxury heritage collection. Have a look:

1. Bond Street Prism

These fantastic Bond Street Prism ballerinas guarantee a stunning entrance. As the light hits the shoes, it gives a dazzling effect in rainbow colors.

Presented in black and gold Luxury Heritage presentation box these ballerinas are sure to turn all heads.

2. Barnsbury Navy and Silver

Must have suede brogue-style shoes with tassel details, get this one today from Cocorose London.

3. Bond Street Lava

Another stunning one from Cocorose London’s new Luxury Heritage collection must have for every wardrobe!

4. Primrose Hill Metallic Pink

Timeless classic, this metallic pink ballerina shoes are the first choice of fashionable women.

5. Primrose Hill Metallic Green

Soft and supple metallic green ballerinas for unmatched comfort and style, buy today!

6. Primrose Hill Metallic Purple

 These metallic purple shoes will make you look and feel dreamy. 

Someone once said that a woman can’t have enough shoes in her wardrobe. I guess it’s not completely true because having a wardrobe full of shoes and having full of beautiful shoes both are different things. 

As the fashion world is changing rapidly and our favorite brands like Cocorose London, adding trendy shoes to their collection, I must say we can’t have all the beauty inside our wardrobe. Well we must pick up the ones which suit our personality the best. 

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