Monday, September 07, 2015

Your Essential Guide to our Flats

Shopping for us ladies isn’t always easy. Some women love shopping and others can take it with a pinch of salt. There is a lot of decision-making to be made which leads to being labelled indecisive. You walk into a store and you wander around and spot something you like. First of all, we usually find out the price – it will appeal a whole lot more if it’s in our price range. Then we look at the colour – does it go with anything else in our wardrobe, does it suit our skin tone. Next is the fit – does it look like it will fit me properly etc etc.

We ask ourselves endless questions before we actually make a purchase but, we are thinking logically as most of the things we buy are for keeps. So while browsing can be really enjoyable and fun, we’ve put together a quick guide for every occasion so you can find the right shoe you are looking for in no time.


Work shoes don’t necessarily mean dull shoes. Add some zing and wow factor to your outfit with our fold up handbag shoes. Swap the heels for flats when your feet get tired and sore.

A pop of colour can liven up any outfit while keeping in line with your company’s uniform policy. Win-win all round.

Day to Night

The joy of having shoes that are so comfortable means you don’t have to change shoes every time you change your outfit. This can also mean less shoe space taken up in your suitcase if you’re going on holiday. Yay!

Reds, blues, blacks and whites are colours so awesome; they can effortlessly transit from day to evening. Bold, classic and beautiful, they suit every wardrobe.


Whether you are invited to a wedding or just the reception or even both, it doesn’t necessarily mean high heels all day long.  You can easily swap the heels for flats any time with our foldables or simply stay cool in flats throughout the day. You’ll be a champ no matter what.

Shimmer all night long with shoes that will make you forget you have them on. Pinks, oranges and even bows means you can’t go wrong, whether you are in a dress or smart trousers.

Shopping or Beachin’

Jeans are a staple in every woman’s wardrobe and they often come out when we are heading to the shops, or for the beach. Because in England, sometimes the beaches are chilly.

All the above will look amazing paired with jeans. Comfy, cool and casual is you all over. Hopefully you will have found the above guide helpful, but let us know if there is another category we need to add to help make your shopping experience go faster and smoother.

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