Friday, May 27, 2016

Why Flat Shoes are better than High Heels

Seeing women strut in high heels is a scene to watch. It is needless to say that women look smarter in heels – whether they are worn for official purposes, for a party or some special occasion and event. They are stylish, sexy and help in completing the look of a woman in more than a perfect manner. But, it is not the looks that matter always when talking of shoes. And it is exactly at this point that flat shoes emerge as clear winners against high heels.

Comfortable Shoes for Women

If you want to know why flat shoes for women are preferable choices over high heels, here are the reasons for the same:

·         Great for Women who Need to Walk – For Leisure or Need:

Women who love walking definitely feel much more comfortable in flat shoes than in heels. And the sole reason is that flat shoes do not give sore feet at all. Again, there are women whose jobs demand lots of walking and moving about from place to place. For them there is no better option than flats to keep their feet in best way possible.

Flat shoe for walking

·         Flats are Practical Shoes:

This is definitely a valid point to be considered regarding flats. You can wear flats and do any kinds of activities without any problems. For instance, if you want to play with kids, want to enjoy a sport activity or involved in a job that compels you to be on your feet all day – there is no better option that wearing flat shoes.

Flat shoes for playing with kids

·         Flats are Low-Risk Shoes:

Wearing flats keeps your legs safe and secure. In heels you need to maintain the right balance so that you don’t fall. Flats have no such hassles. Also while running to catch a bus, there are chances that you trip accidentally or the heels get caught in the grilles and so on. With flats, risks of accidents are lower for sure.

Low-Risk Flat Shoes

·         Highly Comfortable Shoes:

If you are looking for comfortable shoesfor women, there is no better alternative than flat shoes for the same. It is difficult to stay or walk in heels for long – whether at office or at a party. Many heels also don’t fit well and the feet remain in an awkward position leading to pain and aching and even blisters. What is the use of suffering from bleeding feet by wearing heels when other comfortable footwear is available?

Highly Comfortable Shoes

·         Health wise Flats are Better
Women with ankle and foot problems should definitely refrain from wearing heels as these will aggravate the problems considerably. Heels actually take the body balance off the center leading to unnatural walking patterns. These are sure to cause back problems greatly. Flats have no such issues and can be worn without any health threat. Occasional wearing of heels is ok, but wearing them on regular basis should be avoided.

Health wise Flats are Better

·         Easy to Drive in Flats and Offers Better Safety
Women who drive on their own know how easy it is to drive in flats. Driving while wearing heels might cause injury to the feet and ankle if there is sudden braking etc. also suppose you are walking back home at night and face a trouble, you can run fast in your flats and escape from the situation. Running in heels is practically impossible and dangerous as well.

Easy to Drive in Flats

With so many points in favor of flats, try stocking more numbers of comfortable flats in your wardrobe. For occasional wearing though heels are fine!

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