Thursday, August 25, 2016

12 Beautiful and Comfortable Shoes for Women

Along with beautiful dresses and diamonds, there is another thing about which most women are obsessed. Yes you guessed it right. Shoes! Check out the wardrobe of any fashionable woman and you will find that she has vast collections of shoes. Fashionistas believe that without the right pair of shoes the dress remains incomplete. So, having the right pairs of shoes is very important. Moreover, they should be stylish and comfortable at the same time.

Mentioned below are 12 kinds of shoes that are a must for wardrobe of any woman:

1.       Black Pumps –They are a staple in the wardrobe of any woman. Whether in leather or in suede material, the pumps are perfect with any kind of dress. Flaunt elegance and sophistication with these pumps any time you want. 

2.       Heels with Animal Prints – If you are looking to add style to your boring dress, try some heels with snake prints. Leopard skin or snake skin prints are the most popular choices. Check that the prints match in some way to the attire you are wearing. The heels can be pointed ones or in block style.


3.       Ballet Flats – Sometimes your feet need rest too and this is when the ballet flats come to use. With the availability of flat foldup shoes, you can pack them in a small bag and carry them to places you go. The run-around shoe is available in myriad colors. Having a black one is mandatory though!

4.       Platform Wedges – Many people say that these shoes look like walking with a brick under the feet. Platform wedges are impart considerable height and are stylish at the same time. Available in different colors, choose the one that is in sync with your attires.

5.       Flat Sandals – Flat sandals and foldableshoes are just perfect for the summers. Team them with floral dresses or with cut-off shorts and make great style statement without doing much. The styles of flat sandals are varied and look chic and fancy.

6.       Sandals with Ankle Straps – Ankle strap sandals bring a chic effect to the legs. The strap seems to be barely there making the shoe stylish. Wear the shoe with any kind of outfit for that smart appeal. Your legs seem lengthened with these shoes.

7.       Tall Flat Boots – This footwear will never go out of fashion and style. Available in different shades, right from black, beige, brown, dark tan etc, these shoes are great for fall and winters. Wear the boots with jeans to complete the looks. 

8.       Short Stacked Heels – This style was quite popular in the 90s and is making a comeback in the fashion world strongly. With proper grip to the feet and the ankles, the heels are not high and are pretty comfortable. Get some height sans discomfort.

9.       Sneakers – Having sneakers is kind of mandatory in the closet of a woman. Whether it is for the weekend fun or for a short distance travel, sneakers just can’t go wrong. Wear it with any kind of attire and it goes with the dress comfortably.

10.   Metallic Heels – Want to shine at a party? Wear those shimmery metallic heels with your pretty short dress for grabbing eyeballs at the event. However, these shoes can also be worn during daytime when teamed with a smart dress.

11.   All-Weather Boots – All weather boots are must have in the wardrobe of any woman. So whether during rains or in snow or ice, these boots will be great. These booths are stylish looking and provide cover for the feet as well.

12.   Ankle Boots – Are you looking to add some panache to your appeal? The sleek ankle boots can do magic for you for sure. Team up these shoes with three-quarter denims, jeans or even dresses and see how different they make you look.

Reputed shoe brands manufacture all these varieties of shoes. Choose the one that fits you and matches with your style and personality.

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