Monday, July 31, 2017

Top 7 Women's Loafers - Must Wear Shoes for a Stylish Look

Loafers are among the most comfortable shoes, which both men and women love. For women, the variety of loafers is extensive and they can choose from the innumerable options available. From simple and sophisticated ones to extremely stylish and fun ones, loafers are not only comfortable to wear but can help in making a grand style statement at the same time. Along with general loafers, ladies' designer loafers are also available nowadays. These are exclusively styled and have designs on them with various items.

Mentioned below find some fascinating foldable loafers, which can be included in your wardrobe helping in making great style statement:

1. Wimbledon Rose Gold with Pineapple:

This pair of loafer comes in lovely bright rose gold color. The subtle shimmer on the pair of loafers makes it look really amazing. To add more interest to the shoes, the sequined pineapple appliqué on the front part of the loafer is done. While the main fruit is done in golden colored sequins, the leaves part is done in green colored sequins, making it look realistic. Pineapples are symbols of summer and these loafers are ideal for summer wear.

2. Carnaby Union Jill Black:

This pair of loafer can be clearly categorized under lifestyle loafers. The Union Jill design on the front part of the shoe imparts a style to the footwear. Made with premium PU leather, these foldable loafers are soft and extremely comfortable to wear. The shoe can be adorned with any kind of dress and go great with casual dresses.

3. Clapham Metallic Blue:

The Clapham lifestyle loafers are in vogue currently. And the most amazing part is that bright metallic colors are hot favorite options. Among the different shades, this metallic blue shade needs special mention. Each pair of these shoes is hand-crafted and uses the best quality premium leather for that ultimate soft touch. The insoles are double cushioned and the heels have padding for extra comfort.

4. Islington Bumblebee Gold Shimmer:

If you intend to add some fun elements in your costume, try this amazing pair of loafer. The base color of the shoe is light golden and there are designs of bumblebees all over the shoes. Ideal for school and college going girls and teenagers, such shoes can spice up a boning look instantly. There are 4 bees on each side of the shoe.

5. Royal Ballet Perdita:

This is more of a ballet shoe than a loafer. This black-sequined loafer is a wardrobe essential. The best thing about the shoe is that it can be paired with all kinds of costumes and can be worn for formal, official and casual occasions. These shoes are great for all reasons and all seasons.

6. Farringdon Kissing Lips:

Kissing lips on shoes? Well, this sounds amazingly interesting. This pair of shoe comes in black color base and the lips are done stylishly in red and pink shades. 100% premium leather is used in the making of these loafers. These shoes are extremely fun and fabulous to wear and help in making great style statement.

7. Kensington Graphite:

These loafers are elegant and beautiful and come with textured leather print. The look of the shoe is completed with a grosgrain ribbon trim. The color and pattern of the shoe is such that it can be worn with any kind of outfit. Made in Italy, this pair of leather loafer looks smart and elegant.

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