Monday, February 19, 2018

How to Keep Your Fold Up Shoes Forever New

A nice pair of fold up shoes is a must have for any woman. Women are in love with fold up shoes as they look stunning with any outfit and are comfortable to wear. But like any other footwear, fold up shoes too get dirty over time. And who wouldn’t want to keep their favourite pair of shoes forever brand new. Read on the tips on how to take care of your fold up shoes.

If you are thinking of throwing your shoes into the washing machine to clean, then beware as this will badly harm your fold up shoes.

The first thing you need to do is to remove the dirt from your shoes using a soft brush. You need to clean your shoes keeping the shoe material and shape in mind. Make sure you do not use any stuff that can harm the material and shape. You may also use a wet cloth to clean your shoes.

If your ballet pumps are made from suede, then never make a mistake of using water to clean them as it will leave a stain on your shoes. You should use a brush made of soft bristles to clean them. 

You can also apply a protection spray after cleaning your shoes so you don’t need a constant brushing. A protection spray can help you to maintain your foldable shoes. But if you want to clean your shoes before using protection spray, you can make a paste at home by mixing washing powder and soda. You may apply this paste on your fold up shoes and then use a cloth or cotton to remove it. Once your shoes are clean, leave them to get dried before you use.

You can apply shoe polish for your leather fold up shoes to protect them, but make sure to choose the right colour that matches with your shoes.

If you are that kind of person who loves to wear shoes without socks, then unpleasant odour is natural. I advise you to wear shoes every alternative day as this will help your shoes to get dry before next wear and get rid of the bad smell.  You can also use talcum powder or washing soda to remove bad smell from your shoes.

During rainy season, our shoes are the first thing to get wet and dirty. It is recommended that at the time of drying keep your shoes away from heat as they can get discoloured and deformed. You can use a crushed newspaper to soak up the moisture in your shoes.

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