Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Fly Clever In ‘Snakes on a Plane’ Saviours

Tired of hobbling on to or off a plane?  Hate how much shoes rub when feet swell at altitude?  Frustrated at arriving at the gate too late, because you couldn’t run in heels?  

These scenarios are familiar territory for girls who have made Cocorose London their foot saviour. This exquisite, British brand is the guardian of ladies who travel, offering them incredibly gorgeous folded shoes, neatly housed inside a dinky travel purse, to be called into action at any time during your travels.

You just unzip the purse, unfold the shoes and pop them on the feet, putting the painful pair in a Cocorose-branded carry bag found in the back pocket of the purse. 

There’s every colour you could desire, from this season’s coral and on-trend leopard, to timeless black.  But if you really want to make it a case of snakes on a plane, go for the snake print ballerina or loafer options in champagne or grey - stylish, sassy and sure to match many of your travel outfits. 

If you’re a sneakers girl only and want to travel in the comfiest pair to be found, you can even opt for Cocorose Hoxton sneakers in silver or grey snake print (or a number of other choices).

And why are these shoes so comfy?  Double-cushioned insoles, pillowed heels and premium leathers are the answer to that, not to mention handcrafting throughout. 

Go Cocorose London when you fly and it will all be plane sailing!

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