Friday, August 30, 2019

How To Dry Your Soaking Wet Shoes Faster

No one can refuse that wet shoes gives an uncomfortable feeling to the feet. Just imagine walking around with soaking wet shoes and each squishy step you take. Doesn’t it make you cringe? At the beach, in heavy rain or from unlooked puddle on the road – it can happen anywhere. And as soggy shoes can’t be always avoided, you can rest easy knowing that the next time this happens to you know the trick to dry your shoes faster without damaging them with excessive heat.

Besides soggy feeling, wet shoes also bring along some other problems like mildew smell, blisters and some unexpected cost. Hence we have sorted out a few methods of drying your shoes faster than ever. One of these safest and fastest DIY options is newspapers.

In fact this trick has been around for years. As we all know newspapers are not meant to last long as they are party of ephemera group. Made from wood pulp and recycled matter, finding ways to repurpose it like drying out wet shoes seems as an even awesome thing to try. The method is quite simple. Just ball them up and stuff it in your shoes. Newspapers provide not only information but have good absorbing abilities. It pulls the moisture and odour and keeps within itself. Hence they are also capable of getting rid of that bad smell off your shoes.

How to do it?

·         Get a couple of newspapers
·         Remove the insole of the shoes to dry out separately
·         Open up the shoes by loosening the laces
·         Stuff them in your shoes
·         Place shoes in a dry spot
·         Place them close to a fan or heater
·         Replace/remove newspaper

Isn’t it super easy? Though this process is quite slow and may take up to a couple of days and you’ll have to keep replacing the newspaper every few hours. But your shoes will dry faster than simply leaving them to the air. Plus it will absorb mildew smell and shoes won’t shrink. To further keep their shape, consider using shoe trees once they have dried.

To dry the outer side of the shoes wrap them with few sheets of newspaper and secure with a rubber band. For speedy drying place it front of a fan. Weather roll up shoes or any other simply avoid putting them out in the cold as we just don’t want to get rid of the wet feeling but also want to take care of our footwear. Instead keep them inside in any room temperature area with circulating air.

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