Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Ballet Flats Complete Guide: What to Wear, How to Choose

Ballet flats are very soft shoes designed exclusively for ballet dancing. Unlike high heel shoes, ballet flats have very thin and flexible sole to allow maximum liberty of movement for the foot. Purchasing a pair of these shoes seems like an easy task, but there are some details which you should keep in mind while buying one. Your instructor will possibly ask you to buy a specific type of ballet shoe, if you are attending any ballet dancing classes. These shoes are comfortable, easy to carry and affordable that’s why lots of women nowadays are opting for them rather than high heels.

How to choose ballet shoes?

•    Right fit
Make sure that your shoes have the right fit. If it fits tightly, you will more likely to face the toe pain. If you are buying specifically for ballet dancing, try out some dance steps after putting the shoes on. It should allow your toes to spread out freely on the floor while doing the steps.

•    Fabric matters
Most of the dancers prefer leather because of its durability. Leather is expensive, attractive, long lasting and gives more comfort in cold. Canvas shoes are the perfect option for heavier people because canvas does not stick to floor like leather does.

•    Check the sole
Sole is another crucial part which should be checked before buying ballet flats. Full sole shoes are cheaper compared to split sole and they might be a good choice for the beginners. 

•    Flexibility
Pay attention to the elasticity of the shoes. It should hold the shoe properly.

Nowadays, you can easily find ballet shoes in so many beautiful patterns and colors. You can even purchase these shoes online from the comfort of your home. By visiting popular online stores, you can browse a wide range of ballet flats. It is always advisable to buy a pair of shoes that is comfy and fits perfectly. If you are little tight on budget, then you can start off with a pair of satin or canvas shoes.

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