Friday, December 06, 2013

Ditch High Heels Today - Avoid Back Pain and Save Your Knees from Being Destroyed

According to experts, women who are still wearing higher heals are themselves inviting the long term health damages. Recent researches suggest that every third woman suffers from foot pain or foot problems after wearing high heels for a long time because of increased pressure high heels put on the feet. Higher the heel, greater the pressure and this pressure can invite foot problems like hammer toes and bunions. After wearing the high heel the entire weight of the body is directed onto the ball of the foot and the output is an increased pressure. This can be more dangerous for those who are overweight. High heels affect your spine and natural posture, wearing high heels can put the spin out of its natural alignment which can make you face the problems like numbness, tingling and unbearable pain. You can easily get ankle injuries, if you are wearing high heels that are not comfortable. 

The extreme pressure generated by heels can change your body’s alignment completely. Poor alignment often results in muscle overuse and back ache. Regular overuse of these muscles can cause your spine to flatten. If you often feel pain, while wearing the heels, inside your toe and across the top of your foot then chances of the occurrence of bunion are good. The knee is the largest joint in our body and high heels can introduce extra stress on the inner side of the knees that leads to osteoarthritis.

So...Still you want to wear high heels? I think the answer should be, “no”.

Most of the women like me prefer to buy ballet flats and foldable party shoes nowadays. The main reason of buying the pair of ballet shoes is comfort; there are several other advantages like cost, multitude of designs, colors, versatility and flexibility. Ballet flats are easy to carry and you can easily put them into your handbag as well. These shoes can be used on regular basis. They look trendy and complement almost all outfits.

Save your knees from being destroyed by high heels. Always choose the footwear which is comfortable and stylish. 

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