Friday, June 13, 2014

Cocorose London: UK’s Most Loved Footwear Brand

Every woman likes to look and feel good all the time. When given the right pair of shoes, women can conquer the world. And to provide them the best footwear, an innovative woman launched her comfortable yet fashionable collection of shoes. Today the same woman owns the most popular footwear brand of UK and recently got a chance to feature products on the house of Fraser’s website.

Any guesses? Yes you all are right; we are talking about our favorite brand Cocorose London.

Foldable shoes when launched at first were considered as the alternatives to high heels after party. They were in high demand but still they failed to put an impact on the minds of shoppers, the impact which could have made them more popular that time. But when Cocorose London launched their collection of foldable shoes, everything just changed. 

Fold up shoes which were considered as an alternative to high heels, eventually turned into party favorite footwear. The amazing collection of our favorite brand proved that these pair of shoes is not just to be worn after party, they can be teamed up with any outfit of your choice during party and events.

Cocorose London offers foldable shoes that can complement any woman’s personality. With their beautifully designed folding shoes, you are getting comfort and durability as a plus point. 

You love wearing high heels? Just put these foldable shoes into your handbag and put on them after party when returning to home. When lots of moving is a part of function you are going to attend than these shoes are your best companion. Need not to worry about your feet, just team up this fold up shoes with your party dress and they will take care of your feet.

Really Cocorose London, with their collection of foldable shoes, has redefined style and comfort.

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