Saturday, June 07, 2014

Steal The Style: Fold Up Shoes With Fabulous Designs

Cocorose London make some of the most beautiful fold up shoes that we have seen. With fabulous designs and beautiful fabrics they really know their stuff! However unfortunately we may not see people wearing foldable shoes as much as they should. So here are some stunning pairs of shoes and the flawless Alexa Chung the fashion icon wearing them.

Alexa Chung looks fabulous all the time no matter to what event she’s going to. However she is not always seen in heels like most other celebs. She can usually be seen in a smart pair of ballet shoes as you can see from these images. Do you want her look? Well here are some shoes from Cocorose London similar to Alexa’s!

You can never go wrong with simple ballet pumps, simple yet bold they find a way to match with practically anything you wear them with. Not only do they look fabulous they are extremely comfortable. Just like Alexa Chung you can rock the elegant and sophisticated look whilst making it look effortless. Here are some of Cocorose’s foldable pumps, also similar ones to Alexa Chung’s.

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