Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Why You Should Start Wearing Foldable Shoes From Today? Read Here

It was not long before that I sported those extremely stylish and gorgeous high heels and stilettos for general as well as special occasions. With a height of just 5’2”, those smart 4-5 inch heels made me look taller and slimmer and I had a good collection of them. I started wearing such shoes since a long time. There is no doubt that these look absolutely gorgeous and smart, but it was quite late when I understood the harm that was done to my feet.

If you take a look at the shoe market now for women, you will find that the craze of high heels is really high. Wearing 2-3 inches heels is not considered to be a heel at all. Girls are wearing longer pointed heels. But very few understand the damage that is being done to their feet. I have seen women struggling to walk with their high heels, but they ‘will’ wear them to make a style statement by compromising on the comfort factor.

There have been many days when I had terrible shoe bites or my toes crunched with pain for wearing the heels. Not only these, I had immense pain in the calf muscle or even on the flat of my foot. After returning home, the first thing I did was to soak my feet in warm water to give it relief and comfort. Then I used a cream for massaging my feet that eased the muscle pain considerably. Things continued this way for long, but the extremities were faced much later.

Problems that might be caused by wearing high heels:

Various kinds of problems come up with wearing high heels in women. Lots of research and studies have been conducted on the same. When I faced problems, I read many articles related to the topic. Ankles and knees are badly affected by high heels when you wear them on regular basis. In fact the toes also get crunched as they take loads of pressure on them to maintain the balance. There might be pain in the legs and it might spread till the groin area and the waist if you are not following the right posture for walking in high heels. The spine is also affected by high heels. Many of you might not know, but high heels might have gynecological effects as well. The position of the uterus might change from its original position.

Wearing attractive foldable flat shoes for comfort as well as style

Since I am a sufferer myself, I would recommend not wearing high heels always. Of course you can wear them to a special occasion or a party. But make sure that you change them at the earliest once the party is over. Keep attractive foldable flat pumps in your bag and wear them once the party gets over and when you are lazing and relaxing with family or friends. The foldable shoes come in excellent designs and patterns and you can purchase one in combination with your dress. They are made of soft leather and hence are very comfortable. They can be folded and put in lovely looking bags, which can be easily carried. The flat pumps are available for all occasions and purposes and in varying price ranges. Cocorose London’s foldable flats have become a huge hit with women in all age groups for their stylish yet comfortable shoes.

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