Monday, December 22, 2014

19 Tips To Make Your Bridal Shoe Search Easy

Everything has to be perfect on the wedding day. For a bride, a perfect pair of shoes that matches with the gown is as important as the day itself. However finding the right pair, in the right design and in the right size requires a lot of research and recommendations. If your d-day will soon be knocking your gates, here are some tips that will help you cool down and serve your anxiety. Hope you get yourself that perfect pair.

1. Go for a pair that perfectly complements your dress. However, if you are heading to a beach destination for taking the vow, make sure you have beaded mules or a strappy sandal.

2. Optimal comfort can only be provided by a square toe shoe with low heels, probably around 1 inch.

3. In case you want to appear smaller and match your better half, go for round toe pairs.

4. If going for low heels is not an option with you, it is also advisable to carry a comfortable pair of sleepers when you are preparing yourself at home. Arrange to slip into the high heels only when you are on the stage and the photographers are on their mark!

5. It is recommended to begin slipping into the wedding pair a couple of days before the final show. It will help your feet adjust better when it’s most important. A new shoe almost always hurt.

6. Wedding pair should not only match the color and design of the wedding dress but also the fabric of the dress.

7. It is advisable to try on all types of heels; mules, sandals, heels and flats, before you make the final choice.

8. Evenings are the best to try on a new pair. It is generally during the evening hours that the feet tend to swell and this will give you a perfect idea about the exact size.

9. Bridal shoes are well complimented by pantyhose.

10. A bride’s feet should be well groomed before trying on the wedding shoes. Also trim those toenails to save some extra inches.

11. Don’t go for extra high heels as that will make you unbalanced and uncomfortable.

12. Online shopping is the best way to browse some awesome pieces at home.

13. When buying online, also check the return policy since you would want to return a show that doesn’t fit well.

14. Some of the best places of shopping would be,,

15. If you are looking to save some money, cocoroselondon could be the best option.

16. Check the color at daytime. Night lights can distort the original color of the shoes.

17. Always assign your bridesmaid to keep the shoes dry.

18. Never pay for ill looking spots on shoes.

19. Never throw away a dye-able shoe. It can come to someone else’s use, probably the bridesmaid.

If you are really stuck with choices, can be a great portal to watch out.   

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