Friday, December 05, 2014

Comfortable Footwear is Must

It is needless to point out that shoes can make or break a fairly decent outfit. Uncomfortable shoes can severely affect your confidence. As per a recent survey, 94% women feel good with comfortable footwear. However comfort and fashion can be a tricky combination to achieve. Comfortable footwear can play a big role in your personality building and confidence level. Based on observations and direct surveys, a perfect pair of shoes for women is really an extension of their personal self and expression. Shoes can affect our self perception and simultaneously perception of others. A great pair of shoes is considered to make a handsome, beautiful, confident, happy and also a charming personality. A person can be judged by the shoes she/he carries. While people mostly focus on the dressing, even interviewers in many industries check out a candidate by the way she/he wears the shoes. So what do we normally wear?

Flip flops: These may be a comfortable pair during the casual Fridays or the lazy weekends, but unless you are an employee of Google, flip flops can represent a laid back and casual personality – not too worshiped in serious offices.

Dusty and dingy shoes: By looking at the heels you carry, one can presume that if you are well prepared for the day at office or have just forced yourself out to of the bed. It is always advised to have enough time to polish and maintain a clean shoe and heels to have your ‘best foot forward’ at the professional platform.

The squeaky ones: Most often slippers and flip flops will make a squeaky noise at every step. This will not only attract unwanted attention but you will also not want to hear you shoes making annoying noises all throughout the day.

The floppy ones: With regular and continuous use, the sole of the shoe seems to give up and at a stage seems to hang out whenever you raise your feet for the next step. Many executives have been seen to be walking awkwardly only to hide the old and rugged shoes.

High heels: While higher heels can be a fashion statement at some places, it does make you uncomfortable and cause hindrance to normal walk. High and flashy heels aren’t quite encouraged in the office. Even when you are on the street or at your home, high heels will only bring discomfort and slow you down. Be stylish but be sensible. High heels look good only when you do a catwalk.

Importance of comfortable fold up shoes

While the above are some warning signs, it is always better to stay at a safer ground, be comfortable, be confident and walk in style. Quality fold-ups can do a job at all places and are a standard at the professional premises. If you haven’t already got yourself a comfortable shoe, it’s high time that you evaluate and set a standard for yourself. Find out what you can keep in your rack and which ones to dispose off.  

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