Friday, April 24, 2015

Classic Black Pumps are Your Best Friends

It’s Saturday night and I am getting ready for that big musical event but as always I am confused over what shoes or what color shoes should I choose. 

Have you ever been through the same situation while getting ready for a party or night out? Well for situations like this my friend has got a nice idea.

Every woman feels the same when it comes to outfits and shoes. They take time to pick the right accessory after all they want to make a style statement.

But when you are in such a confusing situation it is always best to stick with the black color. Let’s check out the reasons that why black pumps can become your best companions. 

1. Unlike those colourful shoes which look great only for a season, black shoes are great for every season. When you are not sure about the color of the pumps that would match with your outfit, give a thought to black pumps. They can be teamed up with any outfit of your choice. 

2. Have you read our latest post about the top 5 black fold up shoes? If not, try it now. May be it can help you in choosing the perfect pair for your beautiful feet. And they are comfortable too.

3. Not everyone prefers high heels and the fact is that they are not at all comfortable. May be you are thinking that high heels are good for style, yes they are but after 2 or 3 hours of partying hard you know that they feel like the biggest mistake you have made by wearing them. 

4. Elegant and suitable for the working environment.

5. Are you trying too hard to be fashion forward by wearing those colorful heels? You don’t need to do that if you own black pumps.

6. Fashion is not about colors, it’s about catching the attention through your style. Black pumps can really do this task very well.

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