Friday, May 08, 2015

7 Foldable Shoes With Excellent Arch Support

Women love to wear high heels to parties or get-together as they make them look taller, slimmer and smarter. But for most of the ladies, their feet start hurting when they have to wear such high heels for long. And this is where stylish flat pumps come to the rescue. If the party continues throughout the night, they can easily change from the heels to the flats and enjoy the party in the best way.

Cocorose London excels in creating the best flat shoes with excellent arch support so that feet get maximum comfort. Also, these shoes are foldable and can be carried in a small attractive pouch. If you are looking for the foldable shoes offering great arch support, you can definitely try these shoes from Cocorose London:

Cocorose London Brixton Pink Leather Foldable Ballerina

Take a look at the shoes and you will be extremely impressed. This pair of shoes comes in an awesome combination of pink and black colour. The print in the front part of the shoe is done in pink, while black is prominently placed towards the heels and toes. The shoe has an excellent arch support and a negligible heel for the perfect balance. The insoles are double cushioned and the outer soles have a non-slip layer. Overall the shoe is great for party wear for its bright colours as well as for casual occasions.  

Barbican Grey Snake Print  

When it is time to take off those heels and make your feet comfortable, wear the lovely snake print foldable flats from Cocorose London. The shoes have a unique charm and are ideal for party wears. These shoes are extremely comfortable with the excellent arch support and cushion at the heels.  

Putney Pink and Gold Leather Foldable Ballerina

This lovely pink and gold leather ballerina has the capacity of becoming a showstopper. The champagne toe cap and the metallic effect print is what makes the shoes appealing. The shoes have a pillowed back, cushioned insoles and slip resistant outsoles. When not in need, fold and pack the shoes in the lovely small pouch that comes with the shoes. 

Harrow Pink Leather Foldable Ballerina

The light peach suede leather ballerina is just perfect for any occasion. Almond shaped - toe cap area comes in glossy peach colour and that adds a unique appeal to the shoe. The foldable flats have amazing cushion in the heels area for additional support. Wear these shoes throughout the day making your feet feel comfortable. 

Islington Black with Gemstones

When you are intending to look stylish in flat shoes, this will be the right choice for you without doubt. The stylish black ballerina with black and silver stones in the frontal-toe area works well with almost all kinds of party outfits. The light cushion at the heels provides good support and comfort to the feet even while wearing the shoe for long.  

Cocorose London Hyde Park Black 

This flat foldable sandal is a must to have for the summers. If you are a busy woman who needs to run almost throughout the day, this pair is just what you need. The outer soles of the shoes are fully flexible and the inner cushioning is very comfortable. The arch support offered by the shoe needs special mention as it makes the feet very comfortable.  

Royal Ballet Juliet 

If you are looking to attend some traditional ceremony and do not want to wear heels, this pair of shoe will serve your purpose the best. With bronze base, the shoe has intricate work done on it with sequins and silk threads. The inner sole is golden in colour and has good cushioning. The heel area is also well guarded with good arch support for optimum balance.   

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