Monday, October 24, 2016

Tips to Select Perfect Party Wear Shoes

Getting ready with things in place is not a big deal. But getting things on place certainly is. Clothes, shoes, makeup, jewellery, it's a way lot of work to make a dazzling appearance. But hey, girls can't ignore on that part. Peace to some to a big struggle for others, it need to be done right. So, you have put the fab dress on for the party and what about shoes? They come as a difficult part to select for pulling out any party outfit in its best form. Sneakers, flats, heels or what? Well, undoubtedly flats shoes for women have made a remarkable impression with its convenience of wearing over anything.  We are not kidding, check with fashion squads and they will give thumbs up to fold up shoes and flat shoes.

So, let's find out some tips and hacks to select perfect party wear shoes:

1.    Go With Your Height:

Well if you naturally have longer legs, you are blessed. Long legs are fab and if you are gifted by that don’t worry you can ramp in any party without much of heel thoughts. Pair your flat shoes  as often as you go with heels. If you are a heel freak, we can't blame you. We all are. But long legs have an edge to team up any sort of shoes as it accentuates their beauty every way. So, yes, party dress with flat shoe won't be a bad choice girls.

2.    Comfort Head High:

We all know how comfort plays with us. High heels are miserable to be worn for a long time. And if you are at a party, dancing with little booty shaking, it gradually adds more pain. So, pick your outfit for the party sincerely as you don’t want to ache your legs for another day. Opt for wedges, flat shoes and why not sneakers. They are super cool and add all the absurd drama in one way.

3.    Keep Your Style Up According To You Body:

We all know now how much knowing your body matters. It helps greatly in dressing up. While selecting shoe women should keep some few styling in mind. If you have shorter leg length from knee to ankle, you need to be cautious about wearing anything strappy and wearing anything too high up the foot. Remember closed shoes shorten the length of the feet and the legs. Shoes with low front end give an illusion of longer legs and narrow ankles. Another piece of advice  is while choosing low cut T-strap shoes you don’t need to worry as they go well with almost every body type. Ankle straps, on the other hand, looks good only on long legs.

4.    Stock Up Stockings:

Stockings are brilliant in adding glamour and extra edge to your style. A sheer black stocking will ask for a pair of black shoes while a flesh toned tights may go out with almost anything. So, stockings are an ideal choice and will put your style game on fleek.

5.    Colour You Can’t Ignore:

Coloured shoes can certainly add versatility to our outfit. However, a wrong choice may turn out to be a disaster. Gold and silver tones, glitters, nudes, black and whites are safe options. When experimenting with solid hues keep a tinge of outfit colour in your head. Contrasting is cool but hey, it needs to be done extremely right.

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