Monday, November 21, 2016

The 10 Types of Shoes Every Woman Should Own

If it is not for diamonds, then it has to be shoes. Women have a wide shoe fetish and they find their best bet in finding that gorgeous beauty. Be it the pumps, boots, foldable shoes, or high heels, women stock up plenty of it through her life. But there are some must haves. So, we tell you 10 types of shoes every woman should own:

1.    The Business of Pointed Pumps:

If it has to be something, it has to be for pointed shoes for women.  A gorgeous classy piece in a suede or leather accentuates your style and makes you look all things classy.

2.     The Delight of Ankle Strap Sandals:

Women know how to pull the game right. Ankle strap sandals are another inspiration for women having an eye for plenty of shoes. Ankle strap sandals when teamed right on a skirt or jeans, creates the magic making any normal look go amaze balls.

3.    Give A Toast To Ankle Boots:

Next, come in action is ankle boots. They have an eye in making the look go exceptionally stunning. Leather ankle boots with a sleek fit have an edge to style a lot of attires brilliantly. Even it is a pair of jeans or dresses; the final look makes a robust appearance.

4.    The Comfort of Loafers:

Amongst comfortable shoes for women, loafers are just impeccable. They are comforting, comes in a variety of options and to have it all. They are a quintessential run around shoes. A popped up colour or black basic goes on almost everything.

5.    Vouch For Animal Print Love On Heels:

Animal prints have not lost its charm. Even if it is a snakeskin or a leopard print, it does not leave any loopholes in adding a sultry style to your flawless look. It all adds a subtle or neutral touch when mixed correctly with other outfits. The solid colours rock in these shoes.

6.    The Metal Bling:

For women who like to add the bling in every affair, metal shoes are an addition. They are chic, inspirational and accentuate the beauty of a look to some next level. They are certainly a no-brainer for an impressionable look.

7.    Comeback of Short Stacked Heels:

If you have not lived under the rock, you must know the serious comeback of short stacked heels. You get an added comfort and yes your style statement is not compromised.

8.    Go Casual With Sneakers:

To be true, the world has never seen a trend as interesting and deep as that of sneakers. Without a tad of doubt, pull them off with almost anything and you get an impression worth a million. Turn an offbeat look by teaming them with jeans, dresses, leggings and anything that pop out of your mind.

9.    Flat Sandals:

Flat sandals are highly comfortable and add the brilliance of next level to any outfit. Tie them with lacings or simple with the strap, they have an edge to enhance the style of any look.

10.    Ballet Flats:

They are just a stunning piece of fold up shoes that turns up a look to new heights. Ballet flats offer sheer comfort and a captivating style statement, these are a must have shoe for every woman.

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