Saturday, February 21, 2015

8 Things That You Should Keep In Your Handbag While Traveling

There are super busy days for women who have to manage home as well as go for work. In a day, they might have to handle daily chores at home and then run to the office where they have client presentations at some other work site. From there they might have to go for visiting some close friends, finish some grocery shopping and finally head back home dead tired at night. It is obvious that the woman has to look her best all throughout the day without the opportunity of changing or doing something extra. In such situations, keeping some essential goods in the handbag is mandatory.

Here is a checklist of the items that a woman must always carry in her handbag if she has travel plans almost throughout the day or if she stays busy on campus:

1. Deodorant Or Body Mist

Isn’t it quite obvious that no woman will want to smell foul in the middle of the day after much running from one errand to another? Carrying a deodorant or a body mist is an absolute must for women who have to travel or spend hours outside the house. Smelling pleasantly not only makes you feel confident and happy, it attracts attention of others as well.

2. Lip Balm

Chapped lips are extremely repulsive. Therefore prevent your dry lips by applying lip balm to it. Now many lip balms come in lovely colors that makes it look as if you are wearing lipstick. Add color to your luscious lips and moisturize them at the same time with a good lip balm. Keep a tube of the same in your bag particularly in the winters or on a day out.

3. Toothbrush Or Gum 

After taking your meals, you might develop a foul smell in your mouth. This might happen from many other medical situations. If you have to stay out of your house for long try taking a toothbrush with you and brush teeth after your meals. In case that is not possible, settle for sugar free gum. It not only makes your teeth super clean and white but also fights with the foul smell effectively.

4. Flat foldable shoes

You might go out of your house in smart heels and your feet might start aching after some time. Keeping flat foldable shoes in the bag is a great option so that you can change your shoes whenever you feel uncomfortable in the pair of heels.

5. Scarf

It is quite interesting to note that the scarf can become a very stylish accessory.

6. Hand Sanitizer

Traveling or moving around the whole day will lead to dirty hands definitely. Having a hand sanitizer helps in combating the germs from entering our body while something is eaten with the hand. Just rub some sanitizer and you are safe.

7. Bottle Of Drinking Water

A busy day will make you thirsty for sure. Instead of searching for water here and there, why not carry your own bottle with safe drinking water? Carrying a bottle might seem weighty at first, but the benefits are understood once you need water on the go.

8. Band Aids

Band aids are the best companions of women for treating unwanted blisters from shoes and sometimes even from dresses! Keep them handy in your bag as they are pretty useful for small cuts and bruises.

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