Saturday, February 14, 2015

Top 10 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Girls

She has been there through your thick and thin. She has been a great company that had made your year fly off in happiness. However, now is the time for her to get pampered. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity for any boy to show how much he appreciates and love the company of his closest girl. However, not all of us boys are great at getting the ideal gift either. If you have been frantically searching for last minute gift ideas for your girlfriend, here’s a list of things to consider.

1. For The Cute One

If you are really looking to make this Valentine’s Day memorable and romantic, think and surprise her. Women have always wanted their relations to be like those in the movies and all fairy tales starts with a great setting. Take her to a vacation. Even a local beach with fine dining would do, but make sure she is completely surprised. 

2. For The Teen

If your girl hasn’t yet crossed her 20th birthday, she can be really picky about her gifts. To be on the safer side, go for jewelry items. This is something that she will be able to show around in her college and tuitions and make her remember about you. Teenage girls will appreciate if you can gift something really cute – a personalized pillow cover, a laptop skin that goes with her personality, etc. if she has a hobby, go for gifts that she will be able to use and appreciate. 

3. For The Thoughtful

Thoughtful girls are great to have at your side because they will never go heavy on your wallet. Even a handmade Valentine’s Day card might do the work and make her feel special. You might also consider cooking a dinner – get a bottle of champagne to celebrate the day. All you need to ensure is being with her on the special day. 

4. For The Sporty

Sporty girls would always prefer a sport headphone over a necklace. Depending of what her hobbies are, you can get her anything ranging from cook book for health recipes, a yoga mat, running shoes, gym bag to athletic apparels or backpacks. 

5. For The Beauty-Obsessed

These are the kind of girls who would always be going high on makeup and clothes. To make her feel special this Valentine’s Day, go for items like makeup bags, vanity d├ęcor, fold up shoes, expensive perfumes, jewelry, and perhaps a great dress. Also consider taking her to a fancy restaurant, grabbing a bottle of wine or leaving for an exotic vacation. 

6. For The Techy

These will be the girl who will love anything from a new mobile phone to a PlayStation! Finding the right gifts for the techy girl isn’t hard as we always have something new in the gadget world. 

7. For The Career Oriented

If you have a girlfriend who is quite obsessed with her career, she would be better off with gifts that allow her to better transition between an office hours and the after office ones. Fold up shoes will certainly be a great choice in this case. 

8. The Adventurer

She will again be a sporty one and doesn’t really consider dresses to be the perfect gift item. Buy her a watch with several time zones or go out for fishing and she would adore you! 

9. Possessive Girls

Possessive girls always want to be reassured that they are loved and appreciated for. Try for small and customized gifts as you already would have been gifting round the year! Just a thought, but possessive girls are also quite easy to impress. You need not go heavy on your wallets. 

10. The Loner

Girls who are not very social will appreciate a cozy date by the fireplace at your home. Cook, drink, watch movies and be with her all the day. She would be really happy if you can give something that she will love to keep to herself. A good idea will be a love locket! 

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