Friday, February 06, 2015

Heels Vs. Flats: Check It For Yourself

There have been lots of debates and controversies on wearing high heels in women as well as on wearing flat shoes. Women of different ages have reasons in their support as why they like to wear particular kinds of shoes. It has been seen that some women are extremely comfortable in high heels and can spend the entire day wearing them. Celebrities like Kelly Brook are so comfortable in the heels that they can move around here and there the whole day in those high heels.

However, as per survey reports it has been found out that in most of the women wearing high heels, their legs begin aching after some time. In many the time is just 10-20 minutes from wearing the shoes. But medical research has proved that wearing high heels increase the knee problems and other arthritic problems of the leg later in the life, when such problems are common. It is highly funny to note that women who wear heels find switching to flats quite difficult and vice versa.

Here is What Happened When Two Women Swapped Their Shoes For Just A Day 

This is an extremely interesting read where two ladies swapped their shoes for the whole day. One lady (A) who mainly used to wear flats had to wear 5 inches heels for the whole day and the other lady (B) who moved around comfortably in high heels all throughout the day was made to wear flat shoes.

Lady A’s Experience On Wearing High Heels

Lady A is related to a clinic and spa and knows the bad effects of wearing high heels. Therefore she avoids the same and generally wears flat shoes. However, she occasionally wears heels for the night outs or parties. When she had to wear heels for the whole day, it was quite a painful experience for her. On wearing the heels the nerves on the toes were trapped as the ball of the feet got badly squeezed. She lived on the top floor of an apartment and getting down the stairs in the heels seemed pretty risky and the feet hurt as well. The same happened while climbing up the stairs as well. She also opined that wearing the heels slowed her down considerably. 

Lady A has lovely height at 5 feet 8 inches and with the 5 inches heel; she looked almost like a tall giant. People stared at her in awe. She had to take off the heels after 4 hours for a foot rub and wore them again only to feel more uncomfortable walking over stones and concrete. At the end of the day when she got her flat shoes, she was more than happy for them.

Lady B’s Experience On Wearing Flat Shoes

Lady B is very fond of high heels and can wear them for long stretches of time without any problem. High heels were a part of her personality and without them she started feeling uncomfortable. When she wore flat shoes, she felt less confident. With a decent height of 5 feet 5 inches, the heels made her look taller and slimmer. It gives her dressing a new dimension and she feels powered up for all sorts of jobs. According to her, her feet are accustomed to high heels and they do not hurt as well. Rather not wearing the heels was making her uncomfortable as if something was missing. Along with these, high heels also made her look attractive and glamorous. She was happy at getting back to her high heels at the end of the day, though she did not deny the comfort that flat shoes offered to her feet.

After going through both these stories, it is up to you if you want to switch your shoes or if you are comfortable in the ones you are used to.

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