Monday, February 22, 2016

Flats are the way forward!

There’s no denying the fact that shoes with high heels can look amazing, although, it does depend on what you wear them with and how you carry yourself in them! However, with flat shoes you will never face this problem, as they go with everything and most of them are not difficult to walk in.

I’ve long been devoted to flats for several reasons but the main reason is that I just cannot comprehend them! I do not understand why women would put themselves through the shamefulness of having to walk bare foot after a night out, because coping with their heels for a second longer just won’t do!

Well clearly they have not visited Cocorose, as our flat shoe designs are unique and trendy enough to go with all outfits, whether you’re having a night out in the town, or simply having a day out, you cannot go wrong with Cocorose’s spectacular shoe designs.

I know for a fact that when I go out I want to paint the town red, and high heels will not allow me to do so. I want to have a night out where I can dance all night and not have to walk bare foot by the end of the night. I want to be able to enjoy myself as well as look good whilst doing so!

On the other hand, if you are a firm lover of heels then our foldable flat pumps are perfect to fit right into your purse, to avoid those shameless bare foot nights, but wait it gets even better, we will gift our lovely customers with our signature luxurious black travel purse, ideal to fit our foldable shoes in after a night out, and to top it off each pair is beautifully packaged for you in our lavish black and gold presentation box, it doesn’t get better than that, right!

At Cocorose we have a beautiful selection of stylish and most assuredly comfortable flat shoes, skilfully hand crafted in 100% premium leather. Our brand is flexible and foldable with durable rubber soles.

The Two Best Advantages of Cocorose’s Flat Shoes!


Flats may not be as sexy as heels (although there are some pretty gorgeous pairs), but by-God they’re practical and classy! You can do anything whilst wearing them. Heels aren’t really of much use for playing with the kids, doing sports or doing a job when you’re on your feet all day. Heels throw your balance off centre, make you walk in an unnatural manner, and can cause back problems. So give them a rest, and wear a pair of Cocorose’s unique and attractive flats.


I’ve always preferred being comfortable, and I’m sure most of you do too. I just can’t stand shoes that don’t fit well or are difficult to walk in. My shoe wardrobe consists largely of trainers, flat boots and shoes with little or no heel by the one and only Cocorose of course. All Cocorose’s shoes have luxuriously double cushioned insoles and padded Achilles heels to provide superior comfort for all our customers!

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