Monday, February 01, 2016

How To Take Care of Tanned Skin of Feet

A lady with beautiful legs is said to be as the sexiest lady. Usually in a lady’s body, the lower torso is given much of importance and therefore the legs and feet of a lady is usually marked by men. But alas! Due to the scorching heat of the sun, the beautiful feet turns brown due to tanning. Tanning being one of the biggest curses in a girl’s beauty is very unbearable and painful therefore proper care must be taken, not only of face, body or upper torso but also the lower torso (especially the legs and feet). These days even footwear contributes a lot in protecting the feet from getting tanned. Biggest examples are the ballet pumps and fold up shoes; these shoes keep most of the areas of the foot covered and also look equally stylish and fashionable.

Fold up shoes:

Pretty in Purple- Enlighten your day with a fresh splash of purple on your sexy feet girls. ‘Purple is the color of passion’. So make yourself a bit more passionate and say good bye to tanning with these awesome pair of purple fold up shoes.

Purple Fold Up Shoes

Hi-Ho Silver Lining- Be the centre of the dance floor. Don’t let your heels turn you back. Flair up your feet with these awesome pair of Hi-Ho silver shoes that would suit any skin complexion easily.

Highgate Silver Snakeprint

London Lace - Ladies this would give you a royal look with the alluring black bow on the top and would all skin types too.

Stratford Black and Silver Snake

How to Get Rid of Tan Naturally/ Home-Made Remedies to Remove Tan

Lemon with Sugar Scrub - This stands as one of the most effective and efficient domestic remedy to reduce tan. This helps in making the skin fairer and softer. Lemon helps to reverse the sun damage due to its richness in vitamin-C. Take 2 tablespoons of sugar and add lemon juice to it. Apply evenly all over the skin (especially tanned areas) and then wash it after some time.

Tomato and Sugar Scrub - Another simple remedy to remove tan from body is this domestic remedy, where you just need to pour fine sugar into tomato juice and start exfoliating and then wash it after sometimes and feel the difference.

Baking Soda and Water Scrub - This scrub is comparatively mild and is best appropriate for oily skin. It removes dead cells and gives a brighter looking skin. Oily skin needs daily exfoliation therefore people (especially girls) who are prone to oily skin can try this remedy and see the result.

Honey and Oatmeal Face Scrub to Remove Sun Tan - This is made for sensitive skin because sensitive skin needs more amount of milk count and therefore oatmeal ads up to this necessity. This scrub can also do wonders if it’s applied properly and evenly.

Other Agents of Tan Removal Include

Lemon- Lemon being a natural exfoliant helps in the removal of tan.
Cucumber- Its cold fibers cools up the body and give a pleasant feeling.
Potatoes-Slice a raw potato and place the slice wherever needed, and keep it for 15-20 minutes. Use it regularly and it can create wonders.
Black Tea-Make a cup of iced black tea, pour it into a spray bottle and sprinkle showers on your skin for quite some day and then feel the difference.

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