Monday, February 29, 2016

Comfy shoes make sense!

Some ladies have either promised to only wear flats, while other women have dismissed them from their closets completely. In many cases these decisions often have to do with the height of the wearer. However, no matter how short or tall you are, flat shoes deserve a spot in every woman's closet and at Cocorose London our shoes are as trendy as ever, and more so they have the advantage of comfort that high heels will never surpass.

Although, do bear in mind that not all flats are comfortable, some of the soles and edges of flats can be very uncomfortable due to their material and other ways in which they have been made. However, at Cocorose you will never have to worry about comfort, as we take care of all angles, our shoes are made for pure comfort and style! Flats can go with anything and at Cocorose London our stylish shoes are perfect for all occasions; feel comfortable and look good whilst doing it, that’s our motto! Our range of Ballerinas, Loafers, Slip-ons, Trainers, Sandals, Boots, Travel shoes, The Royal Ballet, Liberty Art Fabrics, will ensure that you are walking on air and most importantly you are doing it in style!

At Cocorose London we strive in making flat shoes fashionable and with a goal to make, "shoes as comfortable as slippers". High heels are the obvious choice when it comes to fashion choices and evening wear but why do we wear them? They're so painful and pointless really. However, it seems that women have started thinking smart, as change in attitude was signalled by the catwalk front rows last year when some of the industry's most influential players turned up to fashion week in flats. The signal that comfortable is OK was further affirmed, when Karl Lagerfeld sent models down the Chanel runway in sparkly couture trainers.

Lorna Hall, head of retail at trend consultancy WGSN, said that popular shoe styles are a reflection of the clothing that is in the shops. "The reason flat shoes are selling so well is that they go with the androgynous silhouette that is fashionable at the moment," she said. "Heels look good with dresses, but brogues and flats help you carr4 off slim-leg trousers and oversized jacket shapes."

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